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Topic: Authorities in Ottawa report that at least one tornado damaged more than 100 homes in a suburb of Canada's capital.

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Tornado damages more than 100 residences in a suburb of Canada's capital.

Authorities in Ottawa report that at least one tornado damaged more than 100 homes in a suburb of Canada's capital.

July 14, 2023

Toronto, Ontario More than 100 homes were damaged in a suburb of Canada's capital on Thursday, according to authorities.

In Half Moon Bay, a neighborhood at the southernmost tip of the Barrhaven district, 125 homes were destroyed, according to Kim Ayotte, general manager of emergency and protective services for the city of Ottawa.

He claimed that smashed windows, ripped roofs, and damage caused by falling trees caused the majority of damage.

"It's a variety of damage, from small damage to quite substantial damage," he stated.

Only one small injury, involving a person whose foot was cut, had been reported, according to him.

Numerous funnel clouds were observed in the Ottawa area on Thursday afternoon, but as of midday, only one tornado had been officially confirmed, according to Monica Vaswani, an Environment Canada meteorologist who specializes in warning preparation.

The neighborhood is located in the rapidly expanding south end of Ottawa, 14 miles or so from Parliament Hill.

According to Laurie Gillespie, her sister rushed outside to get a chair after spotting a storm approaching while her mother, 82, and her sister were inside the house. She claimed that while much of the roof was taken off, the windows in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom all blew in, scattering glass everywhere.

"The curtains on the bathroom window were sucked right out and they ended up on the roof," Gillespie claimed.

Around her mother's house, according to Gillespie, there was damage within a two- to three-block radius. Some roofs were destroyed, and foam insulation blocks in the attics detonated.

Source The Associated Press