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Polish Language Mentor

Karina S
From Poland
Speaks English B2 ; Portuguese A1 ; Polish Native

Hi, I'm originally from Poland, but I've been living in Portugal for half a year, where I spent half a year on an Erasmus+ exchange, but decided to stay here permanently. I'm in the fifth year of psychology. In my spare time I like to swim, read, dance and play the guitar. Previously, I also studied acting. So far, my greatest experience has been working with children. I have been studying Russian and Portuguese for some time, so I know what a beginning student struggles with.:) My goal is for the student to start communicating in Polish as soon as possible.

I am familiar with various techniques for creative learning and effective teaching. From the beginning of learning, I focus on conversations, but also on developing listening comprehension, reading and writing skills. I introduce the culture of Poland, show our interesting traditions and try to make the lessons interesting and support the memorization process. I am flexible and adapt to the needs and abilities of the student. I conduct lessons in English or Polish, but I teach speaking from the very first lesson.

Book a trial lesson with me, we'll talk about your goals and Polish language learning needs. If you are a beginner, I promise that you will start saying your first words after the first lesson. Sometimes I use a textbook, but I mainly want to show you interesting phrases that will help you sound natural. See you there!