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Portuguese language Mentor

Andreia M
From Portugal
Speaks English C2 ; Portuguese Native ; Spanish B2 Korean A2

I was born in Porto, near the sea. I grew up with a great passion for swimming. In 2020, I immigrated to South Korea. I like sports and movies

Always been really good at languages, so right now my goal in life is to teach others to speak my language.

I know learning a language can sometimes be challenging, but I'm here to help you and make you feel more comfortable with my native language.

I've been teaching Portuguese for over five years, my career started when I started teaching at my local school. Then during the pandemic, I start teaching online.

Right now I'm an online Portuguese teacher but I also I'm a teacher at the local school in Seoul.

I know that each student has a different way of learning so I am up to the challenge to help you learn this new language.

I am flexible and adaptable. I want to know what you are seeking in your language gaps and work together to help you reach your goals. I am a solutions-seeker and constructive. I think advising and guiding are essential, instead of criticizing and pointing out flaws. So, don't be afraid if you don't speak well; it's a learning process.

Depending on your level, I'll increase the difficulty by requesting a higher level of care, sharpness, and attention. I try to make fun of classes.

All my students have improved very significantly since we start having classes together, I can guarantee you, that you will have big development in the language.