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Indonesian Language Mentor

Astri A
From Indonesia
Speaks English C1 ; Japanese B1 ; Indonesian Native

Hello, there!

My name is Astri and I'm a native Indonesian. I have extensive experience as an English - Indonesian translator and editor.
Languages are my passion and it would give me joy to be able to teach you my native language. I will create casual and fun lessons to help you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation skills.
I believe context is important in learning a language. So, instead of memorizing a bunch of words on their own, connecting words and sentences to certain situations would help greatly. And what better ways to do that than reading articles?!
Yes, I will teach you bahasa Indonesia through news and entertainment articles that will help you improve your understanding of Indonesian language while also keeping yourself up-to-date with current events in Indonesia.
Don't hesitate to message me and let me know your goal and purpose in learning bahasa Indonesia.