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Chinese Language Mentor

Name: Enkar T.
Stay Ukraine (from Xinjiang, China)
Rate: $  10 per hour
Speaks Kazakh Native, Chinese (Mandarin) Native, English C1
Experience 141lessons
Hello, my name is Enkar. I come from Xinjiang, China. I am a Kazakh (minority). So I can speak fluent Mandarin, Kazakh and English. I also speak a little Korean. (I am interested in Korean culture). Currently I live in Ukraine.
I am friendly, my teaching style is simple and easy to understand, and my classroom atmosphere is very active.
On this platform, although I am a new tutor, I have rich teaching experience. I have two years of offline teaching experience. Due to COVID19, I started to try online teaching, and the response has been good.
For example: I once helped a Ukrainian native with zero foundation to learn Chinese, so that she understood the basic knowledge of Chinese and some daily phrases.
My course arrangement is very user-friendly:
I arrange the course content separately according to the current level of each student and their goals; make timely adjustments according to the requirements and progress of the students.
I can teach students of any level: beginner, intermediate and advanced level (HSK).
Different age groups: children, adults.
I have a large number of diversified teaching materials available for free to students. For example: textbooks, practice questions, mock test papers, listening recordings. (especially in HSK) these materials are convenient for students to learn more systematically and enjoy them for life.
Looking forward to seeing you! Thanks for reading!
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Name: Chloe H
Stay China
Rate: $  18 per hour
Speaks Chinese (Mandarin) Native, English C1
Experience 983 lessons
Hello! I'm Chloe from Zhejiang, China. I am a teacher, and also a mother of a three-year-old boy. I'm fond of learning and teaching English and Chinese, and I'm also a big fan of swimming, exercising and reading.
I majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and used to help students from Europe, Africa and America learn Chinese. I've been teaching in China since graduation and I have got my Teacher Qualification Certificate, IELTS Band Score 7 and Interpretation Certification. I have a three-year-old son and I’m helping him learn both Chinese and English at the same time.
I hope I could help you learn Chinese and Chinese culture in a more efficient and relaxed way. Through our class, you will be able to speak in Chinese more confidently and you will have a better understanding of Chinese culture."
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Name: Jane L
Stay Taiwan
Rate: $  19 per hour
Speaks English C2, Chinese (Mandarin) Native
Experience 189 lessons
My name is Jane, and I am a 27-year-old Taiwanese girl.
I’m a talkative and positive person who likes to have fun, to go surfing and camping.
Traveling has changed my life; I love meeting people from different countries and sharing stories and learning about each other’s culture.
I do yoga, and massages and I practice meditation. These things help me develop patience and compassion.

The reason I love teaching is it’s not only a fun way to meet people but I also enjoy seeing my students get more confident, and start talking with locals and making friends with them.
Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue and I am also fluent in English.
I can answer your questions in Mandarin or in English, whichever you prefer. I have lived in Australia and United States before.
I have a lot of experience as a tutor in person in Taiwan and I have also translated lots of teaching materials.
Most frequently, I teach daily conversation skills to help ex-pats in Taiwan smoothly adjust to their new lifestyle abroad.
I have noticed that lots of my students have large vocabularies in Chinese but they have difficulty using the language in everyday conversational settings.
I like helping students become more conversational, and to do that I focus on teaching proper pronunciation, perfect tones, and helpful phrases and sentences that people say every day in Mandarin-speaking countries.

My lessons are fun and relaxed, just like talking to your friends. You’ll build up your confidence!
Sometimes I’ll use fun materials like memes in Chinese, or songs, or YouTube clips to help you stay energized and excited about learning Chinese.
As everyone knows, Mandarin is a super difficult language to learn. It takes a lot of time and effort, and there are no shortcuts to getting fluent overnight.
BUT, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a tutor that you click with, someone who challenges you and encourages you. Sign up today, and I’ll help you level up your Mandarin! Let’s do it!"
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Name: Lisa W
Stay Beijing
Rate: $  25 per hour
Speaks English C1, Spanish A2, Chinese (Mandarin) Native
Experience 191 lessons
Hi,I'm Lisa,I am a native Chinese speaker living in Beijing. I graduated from university with a degree in English, and I minor in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Friendly and interactive instruction that encourages the student to learn with passion. You are a beginner and don't know anything at all? no worries, I give easy and fun classes from zero. I will help you speak Chinese with confidence, reach fluency.

Beginner to intermediate
Designed and taught classes for zero level learners.
(complete the course, reach HSK level4)
Intermediate to advanced
Emphasize on verbal drilling , listening, sentence structure, learning new words, and basic grammar.
Video series class
Study with videos that include various situations and acting so that you can naturally listen to accents, pronunciation, hearing lots of sentences. I emphasize on speaking/verbal drilling , listening,sentence structure, basic grammar, and learn modern words and Chinese slang words.
HSK 1-6, based on your current Chinese level
I focus not only on the HSK test, but also on your verbal skills.

- Provide materials
- Colorful slides
- Customized courses
- Homework and class notes
- Special methodology ensures you can learn effectively

Take a Chinese course online and gain fluency in the most convenient and the easiest way with my online classes.
Thank you for checking my profile, I am looking forward to seeing you!
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Name: Mulan Z
Stay China
Rate: $  13 per hour
Speaks English C1, Chinese (Mandarin) Native
Experience 1187 lessons
😊Hello! I'm graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and my major is Communication and Journalism. I've been teaching for about five years in China and have accumulated more than 4000 lessons.
I've got the China National Teacher Qualification Certificate and Certificate of Mandarin Chinese Level. Therefore, I can speak standard Mandarin Chinese and teach in the right methods. Moreover, I'm friendly and humorous, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable.
I'm enthusiastic about cultural exchanges. It is fantastic to explore different lifestyles and views from other cultures. And that keeps me open-minded and independent-minded.

My certificate:
the China National Teacher Qualification Certificate
Certificate of Mandarin Chinese Level

My teaching experience:
I've been teaching English for about five years in China and have accumulated more than 4000 lessons.
Last year, I began to teach online. So I gained rich experience in teaching.

My advantages:
We can communicate in English smoothly. At the same time, I majored in Communication and Journalism, which means I understand the linguistic phenomenon in Chinese and English. I can clarify the differences simply and clearly.
I don't require my students to buy any textbook, and all necessary material can be provided for free.

I will provide the below courses :
Comprehensive course
Such as Pinyin, words, structures, grammar, and character according to your level.
Conversational Chinese: Basic/ Intermediate/ Advanced
As a native speaker of Chinese, I can clarify authentic expressions, correct pronunciation errors, conduct native-like conversations, and involve you in aspects of the Chinese idioms that can't be learned from books. If you have any interesting topics, I will customize lessons based on your requirements.

HSK Preparation
If you are going to prepare HSK exam, this course will prompt you to prepare exam efficiently.
Welcome to book my lessons and talk with me free. Please let me know what exactly your aims are, and we can make an active plan of study that will prompt you to achieve your Chinese language acquisition goals effectively.
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Name: Pan P
Stay China
Rate: $  15 per hour
Speaks English C2, Chinese (Mandarin) Native
Experience 2547 lessons
Teacher with 4 years of teaching experience!

Hello everyone, I am a professional certified Chinese teacher. I majored in education management in college, and I have a teacher qualification certificate, an international Chinese teacher qualification certificate, and a Putonghua certificate of Grade 1 Grade B.I used to be a primary school teacher, a host, and also in the training institutions to teach children and adult host.Currently I teach Chinese to foreign students, their ages (6-60) and Chinese level (0-HSK6) are different, so you don't have to worry about being a zero-based student.If you think Chinese will help your children in the future, or you love China (culture) and love learning the language, or your job requires Chinese (business Chinese)..."", please book my class now!I am a very enthusiastic person, and I am glad to convey language and culture through this way. We can not only be teachers and students, but also become friends. I am looking forward to meeting you!
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