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Japanese Language Mentor

Name: Masayuki H
Stay Japan
Rate: $  20 per hour
Speaks English C1, Japanese Native
Experience  173 lessons
I am from Japan and live now.
I used to work as a translator(Japanese industry)
So I can explain in English ,if you are a beginner of Japanese learner.
And if you study JLPT,I teach you all level.
I will teach you from beginner level to business Japanese.
Let's enjoy studying Japanese conversation and so on.
I share flexible style lesson.JLPT preparation, business conversation ,travel Japanese and so on!
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Name: Sahara S
Stay Japan
Rate: $  15 per hour
Speaks English C1, Japanese Native, German A1
Experience  88 lessons
hi i'm Seima i'm from Osaka japan
currently i'm a student studying accounting. i also belong to the volunteer group at my university where i teach exchange students Japanese. i teach them not only Japanese but also Japanese culture
I really like teaching Japanese .
I have been teaching exchange students Japanese for few years . i have some teaching experience .
and therefore i know how to improve Japanese and motivate you to study Japanese .

I can offer several ways to improve your Japanese
1, conversation class
we can talk about anything and everyone is welcome from beginner to advanced level
for example we can talk about hobbies , japan ,Japanese culture , your country and daily news.
my goal is to make you confident when you speak Japanese

2, reading daily news
Learning with Japanese news helps you learn important vocabulary and improve your listening and comprehension
in this lesson we use NHK NEWS WEB EASY. if you want to read other Japanese news let me know
we can also read it

3,Japanese textbook, i have some textbooks so we can use these textbook to improve your Japanese.
it's okay if you are beginner or advanced level . i can always offer the class that suit your level.
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Name: Lisa K
Stay Spain
Rate: $  12 per hour
Speaks Japanese Native, English B2
Experience  26 lessons
Hi My name is Lisa. I am native Japanese but live in Spain.
I am a very friendly person and a great listener.
I love sports (especially watching and playing football) , travel, photography , foods, gym ,languages ,music, games.
I like to speak with new people and like to help improve your Japanese language skill. I would like to teach you Japanese!
I have been teach experiences. I have teach Japanese to my cousins frequently(they are American).
Let's study together !

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Name: Marii H
Stay  Japan
Rate: $  30 per hour
Speaks English C1, Russian A1, French A2, Japanese Native
Experience  68 lessons
Hi, I’m Marii!

I was born and raised in Tokyo.
I speak Japanese, English and I’ve been learning French, Russian and Spanish.
Also, I love teaching Japanese, and I’m interested in learning other countries and cultures!
So It would be great if we could share and learn our cultures together.
Please tell me about topics you are interested in.

I can teach from beginner to advance.
But I customize lessons depends on the student's level.
I teach Japanese to children as well.

I can teach with :
・3 Letters (hiragana, katakana, kanji)
・Easy grammars
・Common expressions and vocabularies
・Japanese pop culture (Movie, music, anime and so on)
・Traditional culture
and etc...

・Videos (Amine and so on)
・Picture book
and etc …

Please contact me before you book trial lesson.
Please do not record videos or do not take screenshots or photos during my lessons!
I can give you materials later if you would like.
Feel free to contact me. Let me know if you have any questions!
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Name: Chiaki U
Stay   currently working in Uganda
Rate: $  25 per hour
Speaks Japanese Native, English C2
Experience  1697 lessons
◎Please send me a me a message first before booking my lesson, thank you!! ◎
みなさんこんにちは!Hi there, I am Chiaki who am a native Japanese speaker and is currently working in Uganda for my project in relation to international development and climate change :)

I have a great deal of experience in teaching Japanese for foreign students and English for non-native students. I am an easy-going person and have a lot of experiences living in other countries, including Japan, Australia, Timor-Leste, England and Uganda. And so I could teach a variety of topics through conversation, as well as many grammar issues and writing&reading in Japanese. Also, I would arrange my lesson according to your need and interest as much as I can.
Cannot wait to share my time with you, and be part of your language learning experience!

My lessons would be like;
Talking in Japanese about various topics such as animation, travelling, daily conversation, Japanese culture, business topics etc…
Writing in Japanese (Business/ academics, hobbies and useful phrases when you are travelling).
Reading novels, textbook and academic articles.
I would like to create our lessons together, so in the first lesson we would spend some time to introduce ourselves and I would ask you some questions about your purpose of study, your interests and which topic you do not feel the confidence to talk/read/write etc... I hope we could do every time our best lessons together, and make you feel more confident and satisfied in learning Japanese with me!
I am very much looking forward to seeing you and talking to you in my lesson, so please feel free to contact me anytime :)
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Name: Yuunosuke K
Stay   Japan
Rate: $  28 per hour
Speaks Japanese Native, English B2
Experience  1742 lessons
Hello! I’m Yuunosuke. (ゆうのすけ) I’ve done studying English and how to teach Japanese in the university in Japan!
(I will be qualified in March, 2022)

I can give you two types of lessons!

1, Free conversation: we just chat casually and I’ll fix your grammar and pronunciation! It’s okay if you are beginner, I know studying language is step by step.
I can help you from basic sentences. Let’s have fun conversations!

2, Topic discussion: we are going to discuss any kinds of topics like life, relationship, social media, something like that. This lesson can take you the level of having conversations about various subjects.
You will get used to be telling your opinions and knowing new perspective!

I will make your study plan according to your skill.
I’ve been to California to study abroad for a month and made a lot of friends in there! I often teach them Japanese. I really love to talk to people who have different culture!
I was supposed to go to Canada for working holiday in 2020, but it’s postponed unfortunately. Therefore I want to help people who are on the same situation as me.
I have done studying how to teach Japanese for 4 years in my university.
In 2021, I also have done training on how to teach Japanese in person.
The best thing that I learned through this training is teaching Japanese is not only for just teaching skills and knowledge but also it’s important to know learner’s personalities, their goal, and why they want to study Japanese.
I will make a plan for every single lesson for you considering your personality, goal, and reason.Also, I will use the tips from my own experience of studying English.
For beginners: At first, I will teach you really basic things. For example, how to introduce yourself in Japanese and read the Japanese alphabet which is called hiragana, basic grammar, and easy vocabulary.
After a couple of lessons, we can start the conversation using what you learned.
We stay at the grammar until you get used to and we go over it when you feel you need review. Don’t worry about it!
For intermediate to an expert: I know it’s really hard to practice speaking Japanese if you don’t live in Japan. Even If you studied hard grammar, vocabulary, and expression, you need to use them in conversations. Also, you might be wrong or strange if you follow textbooks. I can tell you the natural expressions Japanese people use on usual days.
At the trial lesson, if you are a beginner(if you don’t know anything), I will teach you greeting phrases, how to introduce yourself in Japanese, how to ask name, age, and where they live, and how to read the Japanese alphabet which is called hiragana within 1 hour.
If you don’t know anything, it’s good to start! You can give it a shot!
If you are intermediate or expert, I will ask you how come you want to study Japanese, you have experience in Japan or not, and what your interests are. After that, I will make your study plan considering your goal and interests.
For everyone, My lesson is for all of the people who want to know about Japan and is always open for you!
I can teach you Japanese from any level!
I am looking forward to seeing you at trial!
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