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French Language Mentor

Advanced French Conversation: This Mentoring would focus on improving conversational skills in French through guided conversations, role-plays, and discussions on various topics. Mentors would provide feedback and guidance to help learners become more fluent and confident in speaking French.

French Pronunciation and Phonetics: This Mentoring would concentrate on improving pronunciation and mastering the phonetics of the French language. Mentors would provide personalized feedback and exercises to help learners develop accurate pronunciation and intonation.

French Grammar and Writing: This Mentoring would focus on enhancing grammar skills and written expression in French. Mentors would provide guidance on grammar rules, sentence structure, and vocabulary usage, as well as offer feedback on written assignments to help learners improve their writing skills.

French Cultural Immersion: This Mentoring would provide learners with a deep understanding of French culture, customs, and traditions. Mentors would guide learners through discussions, readings, and activities related to French literature, art, music, and history, helping them gain a comprehensive cultural perspective.

French Exam Preparation: This Mentoring would help learners prepare for various French language proficiency exams, such as DELF, DALF, or TCF. Mentors would provide targeted practice materials, exam strategies, and personalized feedback to help learners achieve their desired scores.
Léna D.
From France
Speaks French Native ; English B2 ; Indonesian A2
Hello you ! How are you today ?
My name is Lena.
I'm 100% french and have a funny french accent. You should hear that !
I like : Meditation, yoga, muay thai, healthy cuisine, personal development and travels and you ?
I'm passionated about learning new things and I have traveled a lot these past few years. I got experience from teaching english to vietnamese kids.
When i was traveling in Indonesia, I have met my boyfriend.
He is from an island called "Bali" and we are usually speaking english together.
One day i decided to teach him my own and beautiful language : French.
I will be honnest with you, It's not an easy language but with the good teacher everything is easy.
Now he is able to speak a decent french and able to speak with my family and friends.
I believe everything is possible in this world when we have enough motivation to achieve our goals.
Have a beautiful day
See you soon my friend
During the first class, I assess your language level. and give you a better perspective of your communication skills.
I always try to make this first lesson joyfull, playfull and valuable.
Then, during the next classes I use a manual, spelling test, vocabulary quiz, videos,ect...
I follow a programm for every levels : A1 - A2 - B1 -B2 to make sure you are learning everything you need in the right time for you.
For the conversation classes :
I like to talk about anything and everything is interesting to me :) !
I usually prepare subjects and send it to you before the lesson, so you have time to prepare.
I also not prepare, that depends on you.
I'm usally really enthousiastic about having new students in my tutor journey.
I'm a very patient person and understand that you are here to learn a difficult language.
Let's learn together and also spend a good moment, I promise !