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French Language Mentor

Léna D.
From France
Speaks French Native ; English B2 ; Indonesian A2
Hello you ! How are you today ?
My name is Lena.
I'm 100% french and have a funny french accent. You should hear that !
I like : Meditation, yoga, muay thai, healthy cuisine, personal development and travels and you ?
I'm passionated about learning new things and I have traveled a lot these past few years. I got experience from teaching english to vietnamese kids.
When i was traveling in Indonesia, I have met my boyfriend.
He is from an island called "Bali" and we are usually speaking english together.
One day i decided to teach him my own and beautiful language : French.
I will be honnest with you, It's not an easy language but with the good teacher everything is easy.
Now he is able to speak a decent french and able to speak with my family and friends.
I believe everything is possible in this world when we have enough motivation to achieve our goals.
Have a beautiful day
See you soon my friend
During the first class, I assess your language level. and give you a better perspective of your communication skills.
I always try to make this first lesson joyfull, playfull and valuable.
Then, during the next classes I use a manual, spelling test, vocabulary quiz, videos,ect...
I follow a programm for every levels : A1 - A2 - B1 -B2 to make sure you are learning everything you need in the right time for you.
For the conversation classes :
I like to talk about anything and everything is interesting to me :) !
I usually prepare subjects and send it to you before the lesson, so you have time to prepare.
I also not prepare, that depends on you.
I'm usally really enthousiastic about having new students in my tutor journey.
I'm a very patient person and understand that you are here to learn a difficult language.
Let's learn together and also spend a good moment, I promise !