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Spanish Language Mentor

Name: Victoria P
Stay Mexico
Rate: $  24 per hour
Speaks English C1, Spanish Native, Italian B1, French B2
Experience 532 lessons
Hello everyone!
My name is Victoria and I am studying language teaching at a university in southern Mexico.
I will give you a space of confidence where you can practice speaking without fear.
I will help you with the grammar or we will work together on your language skills.
Our classes will always be filled with cultural exchange; Culture cannot be separated from language.
I use the teaching method according to your goals and adapt it to your needs.
I would be very happy to accompany you in learning Spanish.
See you soon!
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Name: Isabel O
Stay Spain
Rate: $  20 per hour
Speaks English C1, Spanish Native, German C2, Italian B1, Swedish A1
Experience 2594 lessons
Hola y bienvenidos a mi perfil ¡
Learn Spanish with a native qualified Spanish teacher from Madrid, the capital city of Spain 🇪🇸.
I am Isabel.Spanish is my mother tongue and I will be pleased to teach you Spanish, Castillian Spanish from Madrid, my hometown.
I have a Degree in Philology ,I am qualified teacher of Spanish , English and German with working experience in Private schools , language schools and University in Madrid, Spain.
As a native speaker of Spanish I can teach you Spanish Grammar, Spanish Pronunciation and Spanish Literature.
I also have the speciality in teaching Spanish, English and German with more than 10 year experience.
I teach German Language and Literature at the University in Madrid and and i am a tutor for the university Students for their end-of-degree project.
I love languages and i am currently studying Italian and Swedish.

How can you Achieve your Goals in Spanish?:
You can improve your Spanish pronunciation and spelling with me as Spanish native Teacher.
I can help you with your exams in Spanish ( Spanish Grammar, Spanish writing, Spanish Literature, Spanish speaking test) and I can teach you right orthographic accents in Spanish language.
I love the Spanish language of Cervantes and I will teach you to love to write it properly .
I do also have experience in Text and Poetry Analysis in Spanish, so I can teach you how to understand a poem or a text , the content, the rythm...
If you need Spanish language for the Transport and Logistics I can help you to write accurate mails in Spanish and how to handle right telephone conversations and business meeting Spanish .

I also teach Spanish for :
ELE exams preparation.
Reinforcements for Spanish GSCE students .
AP Spanish language exam.
Spanish for absolute beginners .

Do not hesitate to contact me if you really wish to learn Spanish with a native speaker of Spanish 🇪🇸from Madrid and enjoy my customized lessons specially designed for you.
Thanks ¡
Regards from Madrid
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Name: Rocio M
Stay Costa Rica
Rate: $  14 per hour
Speaks Spanish Native, English B1
Experience 575 lessons
Hello my name is Rocio, I am from Costa Rica so I am a native Spanish speaker. I like reading, visiting the beautiful places that my country has and sharing those experiences with my students.
I have experience teaching in religious situations. Each person has a different way to learn, so we will find together your best method.
I´m an excellent Spanish tutor I am patient so I can support you in all your process I have good skills of teaching. If you know nothing about Spanish or you already know and you want someone to practice. I know how hard is to learn a new language so I understand you and I can share the methods that helped me.
Do you want to start now?
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Name: Myriam S
Stay Argentina
Rate: $  5 per hour
Speaks English B2, Spanish Native
Experience 647 lessons
Do you want to learn exactly the kind of Spanish that you need? Without wandering around aimlessly, straight to your goals. Tourism? Apply for a job or college? Your children's school homework? Don't think any more, contact me and I will design a personalized strategy for you. Years of experience exclusively to reach your objectives, just in the first lesson you will be able to decide what you want for yourself
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