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Business Mentor

Business Mentorship 
Introduction to Mentoring in the Business World
This Business Mentor Media Competency would provide an overview of the role of a business mentor, the benefits of mentorship, and the key skills and qualities needed to become an effective mentor. Participants would learn how to establish mentor-mentee relationships, set goals, and provide guidance and support to aspiring business professionals.

"Advanced Business Mentorship Strategies: Nurturing Success in the Corporate World"

This Business Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would delve deeper into advanced mentoring techniques and strategies specifically tailored for the corporate environment. Participants would learn how to identify and develop talent, provide constructive feedback, and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within their mentees. Additionally, the course would cover topics such as succession planning and building strong professional networks.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship: Guiding Startups to Success
This Business Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus on mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and guiding them through the challenges of starting and growing their own businesses. Participants would learn how to assess business ideas, develop business plans, and provide guidance on marketing, finance, and operations. The course would also explore the unique challenges faced by startups and how mentors can help navigate them.

"Industry-Specific Mentorship: Mentoring in Tech, Finance, and other Specialized Fields"

This Business Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would cater to professionals looking to become mentors in specific industries such as technology, finance, or healthcare. Participants would gain industry-specific knowledge and insights to effectively mentor individuals looking to excel in these fields. The course would cover industry trends, best practices, and mentorship strategies specific to each sector.

"International Business Mentorship: Navigating Global Markets and Cultures"

This Business Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus on mentoring individuals interested in international business and navigating global markets. Participants would learn about cultural intelligence, international business etiquette, and strategies for entering and expanding into foreign markets. The course would also cover mentorship techniques to help mentees adapt to different cultural and business practices around the world.
 Accounting  Mentor
Paul C
From South Africa
Speaks English Native
 Certified Financial Advisor and tutor with over 4 years of tutoring experience in teaching Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Economics and Statistics. I offer a tailored tutoring approach to assignment help and exam preparation that is fun and practical to ensure that your level of understanding is significantly enhanced. My experience as a financial advisor has allowed me to simplify complex financial concepts and communicate them to clients with varying levels of understanding. I am an academic at heart with a passion of sharing acquired knowledge with anyone under my tutelage. After graduating with a Cum Laude (Hon) in Accounting Science, I have been able to assist students and clients in improving their financial skills and knowledge. Lets start our journey greatly improve your financial knowledge. 
 Business Management  Mentor
Michael S
From Germany
We are living in 21st century – the century of communication!
International business, traveling and education are getting more important nowadays. Keeping pace with the times, offering new and innovative ways to exchange experiences and improving skills is consistency in the global world.
Trainings and courses need to provide new methods adjusted to modern ways of communication and life-style.
To find new innovation is getting more and more difficult. Teaching and education should be based on a high level of scientific research and should develop according to the demand of markets.
Languages in general are not possible to learn only by studying grammar and vocabulary, it is necessary to communicate regularly, to learn new words and to use grammar intuitively and automatically. German / English is a living language and it is up to you to live it. Learning by doing is the key to your success.
But learning a language is more than that. We use German / English in international business and it helps us not only to communicate, but also to understand culture, traditions, etiquette and knowledge.
German, on the other hand, is much more difficult to learn than English. Many think, why do I need German? German is spoken in many countries that are mostly unmentioned, for example in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, eastern France, the Czech Republic and Lichtenstein.
Nowadays languages are an essential part of a good education and necessary in international business.
Also teaching economy or business is not just learning theory. Students need real practice! I do not teach economic theory but helping people with their e.g. start-ups or improvement of their business.
Our Junior Enterprises are the result of successful projects of our students.
I started teaching professionally at the age of 20. Therefore I learned and used different approaches related to the situation, needs and goals of the target group.
As a teacher it is necessary to find and wake the interest of student and to have fun during the lesson. Fun makes it easier to learn, it does not feel hard or like necessity.
Booking a trial lesson is difficult. Who is the right tutor for me? Does he or she comply with my needs and goals?
This you have to decide your own way, and it is not easy, I know. But before booking a trial lesson, please write and ask as much as possible.
Everything you clarify beforehand, makes you feel more sure in your decision.
Just try it :-)
 Economics  Mentor
Name:  Oksana G
Economics Mentor
Stay Ukraine
Rate: $ 30 per hour
Speaks English C2, Russian Native, Ukrainian Native
Experience 2585 lessons
I am an experienced Economics Tutor. My goal is your success and rising skills! Dear Students! The 21st century is the age of the digital economy. Therefore, you should not be afraid of simple Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Concepts, Business Concepts, Marketing, Quantitative methods in economics, Economic analysis, Business modelling or Accounting. AVAILABLE HELP: √ IB Economics & IB Business Management √ Internal Assessment (IA) Economics, Business Management & Math √ Extended Essays (EE) Economics, Business Management & Math √ Training for the AP Economics Course (both Micro- & Macro-) √ IGCSE Economics, Business studies & Accounting √ University's level of Microeconomics & Macroeconomics (Mankiw; Krugman; Pindyck & Rubinfeld; Samuelson & Nordhaus; Blanchard, Amighini & Giavazzi) √ Intermediate Economics √ Consulting and Supervising (Research/Scientific Papers; Graduation/Final Papers; Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. Theses) My teaching method is very simple and accessible. I listen to YOU and help with YOUR issues, I answer YOUR questions and explain the solution to YOUR calculation tasks. Any problems with Economics or Business Management? Not sure where to start writing an IAs, EEs, how to solve practical assignments? Having difficulty preparing for your Economics & Business Management exams? Do not know how to find RQ for your Final/Graduation Paper? Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. Thesis? Need consultations, supervising and help? –°ontact me! Only successful tutor can help their students to be successful as well!