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Physics Mentor

Quantum Mechanics Masterclass: This Physics Mentor Media Competency would delve deep into the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, covering topics such as wave-particle duality, superposition, entanglement, and quantum computing. Students would receive personalized guidance from a physics mentor to help them grasp the intricacies of this complex field.


"Astrophysics Exploration": This Physics Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would explore the mysteries of the universe, covering topics like black holes, dark matter, and the Big Bang theory. With the guidance of a physics mentor, students would learn about the latest discoveries in astrophysics and develop a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

"Classical Mechanics Refresher": This Physics Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would serve as a comprehensive review of classical mechanics, covering topics such as Newton's laws, projectile motion, and rotational dynamics. A physics mentor would provide personalized guidance, helping students strengthen their problem-solving skills and solidify their understanding of fundamental concepts.

"Electromagnetism and Optics Workshop": This Physics Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus on the principles of electromagnetism and optics, covering topics like electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, and geometric optics. Through interactive workshops and mentorship, students would gain a deeper understanding of these phenomena and their practical applications.

"Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics Seminar": This Physics Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would delve into the fascinating world of nuclear and particle physics, covering topics such as radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, and the Standard Model of particle physics. With the guidance of a physics mentor, students would explore the cutting-edge research in this field and develop a solid foundation in nuclear and particle physics.
Mohand M
From Egypt
Speaks Arabic Native, English C2

Introduction: Hello my name is Mohand , have BSc of mechanical engineering, have a master degree in mechanical engineering and applied science, researcher in applied science topics and mechanical engineering. I have 4 years of experience in teaching physics, calculus,advance calculus and mechanical engineering courses ( mechanics , machine design, heat transfer, matlab , CAD ) I have experience in teaching online in many websites and offline in university You can book a trial lesson with me to discuss topics you need to understand and your goals that you want to achieve.

Speaks English Native, Urdu C2, Pashto Native

Introduction: GCSE, IGCSE, EDEXCEL, AQA, OCR, GCE O'Level Physics. Message me before booking the lesson. I am involved with teaching since when I was in my second year of Engineering at GIK Institute. I used to teach on weekends and full time in summer vacations, till now I am involved with teaching. My expertise is that I can deliver my message to others in the best way, so I can proudly say that I am the best teacher. Now I want to use my skills in a fruit-full place, where I can benefit more children in less time and can take part in making this world great. I have been involved in teaching online, on different platforms, with students from the USA, UK, and France and they all are satisfied with my work. Actually, I Understand how a student's brain works, how to explain a topic online. As I have been to all this process for many years. Join my class, select a time and let's get started :) I have been teaching for 4 years online on different platform but started on preply for about 3 months. Book the trial lesson, so that we discuss the problems you are facing in Physics or Math. Let's discuss, which exam you are preparing for and how to make the best strategies to tackle the exam. If you are preparing for the entrance exam again contact me. I will teach you all the subjects included in the entrance exam, i.e English, Maths, Physics, Verbal, Non-Verbal, etc. We will cover all these subjects.

Speaks Arabic Native, English C2

Introduction: Are you having your test soon and you don't know from where to begin 😞? struggling with difficult Physics & Math concepts and you don't know who to ask😓? Be ready to relax 😎 I’m here to help you break down difficult concepts into small ideas in a fun and relaxed setting. A personalized and goal-oriented learning plan will be created to guarantee your success. I am experienced in getting students ready for their AQA GCSE, Edexcel GCSE, Edexcel IGCSE test and I make sure to boost my students' confidence before having their exam by solving a lot of past test questions. I even teach McGraw-Hill Education Math&Physics text books. I have 5 years of teaching experience. I’ve obtained my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with an excellent score of (GPA 3.98/4) along with conducting experimental researches. Math & Physics are fun when they’re well delivered. Hurry to book your first lesson with me to start our journey ^_^