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Arts Mentor

Kompetensi Media
Name: Diana Š
Arts Mentor
Rate: $ 15 per hour
Native English Upper-Intermediate, Croatia
Experience 150 lessons
Certified tutor with 10 years of experience, and Professional visual artist Hello!!! My name is Diana. In my art lesson I teach basic of traditional art drawing and painting and also advanced art skills. My teaching is educational, but relaxed and playful. You can learn all kinds of Art techniques such as pencil, pastel, ink on paper, collage, mix media, tempera, acrylic, oil on canvas, etc.
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Kompetensi Media
Name: Ilias R
Rate: $ 16 per hour
Speaks Italian
Native English, Greek
Experience 715 lessons
Hello everyone! I'm Ilias Rizzi, I'm 29 years old
and I come from Italy. I have a Master in Illustration and in the last 4 years I have worked as a Concept Freelance artist realizing different projects from illustration to graphic design. I will help you improve your technique and your creative process with personalized lessons based on your style and the goals you want to achieve. I can teach you from the basics of drawing and painting
to a more advanced level. Please, feel free to ask me questions if you have any. I'm looking forward to meeting you, ciao :)
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Kompetensi Media
Name: Michel D
Arts Mentor
Rate: $ 15 per hour
Native Arabic Native, French C1, English C1, Russian B1, Lebanon
Experience 158 lessons
I wish to extend my students knowledge in any field and turn their focus towards the large scale to improve their skills. For me life is a self research, I should use all the tools to have a better result.
I’m flexible and adaptable with a strong ability to engage in any kind of work. I will use all my artistic, animation And technological skills to help others To find their own skills that will lead them to be the best of themselves.
My Students will learn: -Drawing (sketching, Perspective, shadows and light, shading, and many more)
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Kompetensi Media
Name: Natalia M
Rate: $ 15 per hour
Native  English C1, Russian
Experience 143 lessons
I invite you to join my lessons of art and academic drawing.
The program of the courses includes drawing, art discussing, studying
the techniques of grand masters, drawing with different means,
developing an ability to understand the History of Art.
Most of my students are planning to enter an art academy, but also
I teach families with children and adults, who are non-professional artists.

Whatever you do, whether it is painting or drawing from life, any work still reveals your knowledge of perspective, and your understanding of the conveyance of spacial depth on the 2-dimensional plane. This can be said to be the basis of drawing from nature.
These skills are universal to all visual art disciplines; they are important to every artist, and mastering them will make you part of a group of professionals.

However, to advance in training you must understand your mistakes and be able to evaluate your works. This requires individual work with a teacher one-on-one. Therefore, I offer lessons, and advice on drawing via Skype in real time, one-on-one with the instructor. During these lessons, we will discuss your works, analyze them and select tasks for independent work particularly for you.

At the lessons I answer the questions about art, artists, history of art, give consultations on homework, the drawings that were made independently, discuss different topics related to art.

Using my experience working as a graphic designer and my experience from working at an advertising agency, I have developed an art program that helps eleven to sixteen year old children gain applicable and useful skills in drawing and painting which could be relevant in numerous professions. The lessons are relevant to various topics that can give a child a general outlook on different art professions.

Except for academic drawing and painting skills, we study professional terms and topics that are related to different commercial art fields. This overview is important because though many children are interested in drawing, they may not know their precise artistic inclinations. They can not answer the question, ""what artistic field (animation, movie making, graphic design etc.) interests them most?""

We review classical textbooks at the lessons, and discuss how drawing skills, and the understanding of composition are used in different art fields.

Most of us are familiar with the classical textbook on typography, Typography by Emil Ruder. But how do we understand it ? What is the ""negative space"" of a character? How do we tell a story using visually different types? And what is most interesting in the work of a graphic designer? These questions are answered at my lessons.

Other engrossing books are:
Picture Composition for Film and Television by
Peter Ward, and The Visual Story : Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media by Bruce Block.

These books discuss art in a professional framework and define the professional terms that are used in movie making and video. They are understandable to children over fourteen years old
who study academic drawing, painting and composition under my direction.

I took part in these exhibitions-
1996 CATECHISMUS-450, Vilnius, Lithuania
1997 Lietuvos MOKYKLAI-600, Vilnius, Lithuania
2008 SOVIART gallery. Group exhibition. Kiev, Ukraine.

Also I won some Awards -
2002 II Prize International Plain air in Pshemysl, Poland
2003 Grant | residency Foundation Valparaiso, Spain
2006 Bourse de Gouvernement Français, (Scholarship of French government), ENS de Cachan, Paris, France
2007 Partial scholarship | residency San Serrat, Spain
2008 III Prize in Painting Contest De Ribas organized by the Embassy of Spain, Kiev, Ukraine
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