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Field Study Greece


The area around Attica has been inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic era (30,000–10,000 BC) Greece

Has been a centre of culture and civilisation since ancient times
Greece has been a centre of culture and civilisation since ancient times. The area around the Attica region has been inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic era (30,000–10,000 BC). During this period, a semi-nomadic lifestyle was followed by hunter-gatherers who were mainly engaged in animal husbandry and the gathering of wild fruits. With the establishment of the Neolithic period, permanent settlements were established and the art of cultivating the land began. Greece’s first real cities and towns were built in around 2000 BC.

The Bronze Age (2000- 1200 BC) saw the emergence of civilization in the Attica region and the emergence of different social classes and the establishment of kingship. During this period, the Mycenaean civilization flourished and developed the language, art and trade between different regions. The iconic Acropolis fortress was also constructed during this time, and has since become a symbol of the ancient Greek civilization.

The Classic Age (around 500-330 BC) is sometimes called 'Greece's golden era.' It was during this period of remarkable accomplishments in art, literature and philosophy, when Athens, one of the earliest capitals of Greece, flourished. This era also saw the emergence of the great military and political force of the Athenian Empire and the victory in the Greco-Persian wars which further extended the boundaries of the Athenian Empire. Moreover, many significant developments also took place during this period in mathematics, astronomy and engineering.

The area around Attica has been an epicenter of culture and civilization for thousands of years. It has been a crucial part of the development of the ancient Greek society and has been witness to many great developments and accomplishments, such as the rise of the Mycenaean civilization, the emergence of democracy in Athens, and the unparalleled achievements during the classical period. Even today, much of the original culture and history that has been documented in this region remains and continues to serve as an inspiring reminder of the greatness of ancient Greek civilization.