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Self Agency Talenta

Marketplace Talenta

Talent and Sports Work

Cultural Arts (Movement and sound)
(Male Pop Singer, Female Pop Singer, Female Dangdut Singer, comedian, MCs & Hosts, Disc Jockey)

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Modern Ways Mountain Movers
This is a place for togetherness to move forward.
“Together Forward Together”
"If Aims Good, Allah SWT Will Help Realize Your Goals"

Your Talent Marketplace
Space for creativity in the field of Arts and Culture
(Singers, Musicians/Bands, Dancer/Dancers, Models/Film Actors, Religion, Make Up Artists, Art supporters/audience, Instructors (yoga, semam etc.), Photographers/Videos, Sales Promotion, Painters, Illusions, Chefs, Hosts, etc)
Web Marketplace watch your favorite Arts and Culture
Web Marketplace creates art by sending videos
Let it exist and be promoted here