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Dutch language Mentor

Beginner's Dutch Language Mentoring: This Mentoring is designed for individuals with little to no knowledge of the Dutch language. It covers basic vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills, allowing students to develop a solid foundation in Dutch.

Intermediate Dutch Language Mentoring: This course is suitable for individuals who have a basic understanding of Dutch and want to further enhance their language skills. It focuses on expanding vocabulary, improving grammar, and practicing more complex conversations and writing exercises.

Dutch for Business Professionals: This Mentoring caters to professionals who need to communicate effectively in Dutch within a business context. It covers business-specific vocabulary, writing professional emails, conducting meetings, and negotiating in Dutch.

Dutch Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Mentoring: This Mentoring is designed for non-native speakers who want to improve their Dutch pronunciation and reduce their accent. It focuses on the correct pronunciation of sounds, intonation patterns, and common pronunciation mistakes made by non-native speakers.

Dutch Cultural Immersion Mentoring: This Mentoring provides an in-depth understanding of Dutch culture, history, and society while simultaneously improving language skills. It includes discussions on Dutch traditions, customs, art, literature, and contemporary issues, allowing students to gain a holistic understanding of the Dutch language and culture.

Jade W.
From Belgium
Speaks English C2 ; Spanish C1 ; French C1 ; Dutch Native
I'm Jade and I'm from Belgium. I have a dog Milo and I take him everywhere, even travelling! Travelling is my greatest passion.
I also love reading and writing. I want to be a journalist someday.
Other than that, I love the sun and I like to be outside.
It's nice to meet you!
I'm not a certified teacher, but I have nevertheless quite some experience.
I tutored when I was at university and I loved it, especially when all my students passed their tests.
My asset is that I worked for years as a hippo therapist with children and adults with disabilities and I also worked as a social worker with this group. This makes me have a lot of patience and learned me how to explain things easily and clearly. My specialty is autism, ADD and/or learning difficulties.
My other asset is that I love learning languages myself, just last year I was learning Arabic.
You can book a trial lesson with me so you can see if we match. It's important you feel comfortable. You can tell me all about what you want to learn and we can discuss together how to reach your goals. It can be from really basic knowledge to technical jargon.