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Arabic language Mentor

Arabic language Mentor
Sara J
From Lebanon
Speaks English C1

Hello there and welcome! :) My name is Sara I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Lebanon. I am a private Arabic and English teacher with more than 3 years of experience in teaching online and in-person. I am currently (working at the hospital as a nutritionist…). I am very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching Arabic, and also helping students with their assignments, papers and projects. I am a very energetic and extravert person who enjoys meeting people from different background and cultures. I enjoy reading, hiking and traveling and I also enjoy cooking and find it therapeutic!!
I’ve taught arabic online and in-person, Have had a variety of students, from small children to adults. Over the three years I really understood how to approach different groups, how to understand their skills, expectations, goals, and adjust my teaching accordingly. I want to say that I’ve managed to help my students meet their goals time and again. Whether it was passing a certain language exam, getting to a foreign university. I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and will try my best to do the same with you students.
I can help you to speak arabic in no time, from basics to advance levels. My focus is to make lessons fun interacting and knowledgeable i cant wait to meet you