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The collaboration between government organizations and non-government organizations (NGOs) has become increasingly important in our society. Government organizations are typically responsible for providing public services, while NGOs provide services and resources to underserved communities. By working together, government organizations and NGOs can provide a more comprehensive and effective approach to addressing social, environmental, and economic issues.

One example is in the area of public health. Government organizations can provide funding for public health initiatives, while NGOs can provide the necessary expertise to ensure that these initiatives are effective and reach those who are most in need. By working together, government organizations and NGOs can create more comprehensive and effective public health programs.

In conclusion, the collaboration between government organizations and NGOs is invaluable in our society. By working together, these two groups can create more effective and comprehensive solutions to address social, environmental, and economic issues. I believe that this kind of collaboration should be encouraged and supported in order to ensure that our society is able to reach its full potential.


Topic (AFP) Marseille - Aid organization SOS Mediterranee on Thursday accused Italy of impeding its work after the country's government ordered the Ocean Viking, a ship used to rescue migrants, to be kept in port "for an indefinite period.


SOS Mediterranee accuses Italy of making it increasingly different for it to operate © CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP

Rescue ship operated by an aid organization is being detained 'indefinitely' in Italy.

(AFP) Marseille - Aid organization SOS Mediterranee on Thursday accused Italy of impeding its work after the country's government ordered the Ocean Viking, a ship used to rescue migrants, to be kept in port "for an indefinite period.

July 14, 2023

Officials had given "a very small number of technical and administrative shortcomings," the aid organization said.

According to Sophie Beau, co-founder and head of the NGO, having the shop closed in the port of Citavecchia, north of Rome, "prevents us from carrying out rescue operations" for migrants in the Mediterranean.

For civil society organizations attempting to assist migrants, the government were fostering a "very harmful" climate, she warned.

Georgia Meloni, the far-right prime minister of Italy since last year, and Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League, an anti-immigrant party, are part of a coalition that has resisted providing aid to refugees.

Five migrant-assistance organizations said on Thursday that they had protested to the European Commission about a new Italian regulation mandating rescue ships in the Mediterranean to land in ports allotted to them, which are sometimes considerably farther away and require additional days of sailing.

The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Oxfam Italia, SOS Humanity, and Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration and EMERGENCY claim the act violates national, regional, and international regulations governing maritime rescues.

In February, Italy implemented a rule restricting the number of marine rescues that charity-run ships can do concurrently and requiring them to land at a designated port.

According to the Marseille-based SOS Mediterranee, Ocean Viking underwent a seven-hour examination by port officials on July 11 after disembarking 57 persons who had been saved off the coast of Libya on July 7.

Inspectors said that "deeper investigation involving different players in the certification process and the shipbuilder" is required, and the organization emphasized that this will take time.

When AFP asked the Italian coastguard about the inspection, they did not answer right away. Beau, though, asserted that the issue stemmed from the Ocean Viking's 14 life rafts.

The 14 certified individuals who could launch the rafts in the event that the ship had to be abandoned were a question the inspectors posed to us, she said.

She cited seven inspections that had taken place in the previous four years alone and added, "We don't understand why this point had never been raised at the inspections carried out until now."

"We have dealt with really extremely frequent, zealous, redundant, and repetitive inspections."

"There is an enormous need for rescue provision, a shocking lack of ships in the zone" where migrants cross the central Mediterranean while the Ocean Viking is stranded in port, she added.

Since the beginning of 2023, more migrants have died trying to enter EU territory, according to Ocean Viking.

After a boat collapsed off the coast of Greece in June, it was demanded by EU legislators on Thursday that there be a "reliable and permanent search and rescue strategy" for migrants in the Mediterranean. Up to 600 people are thought to have perished.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which reports that more than 27,600 people have vanished in the Mediterranean since 2014, was cited by the lawmakers in a non-binding resolution that urged Brussels to support member states in enhancing their capacity to conduct sea rescues.

The resolution stated, "For 2023, the figure has already reached 1,875 people dead or missing."

The legislators urged Brussels to confirm if the steps certain countries have taken to bar rescue ships from entering their territorial seas are "in accordance" with international law.

Source france24 / 2023 AFP