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Social Sciences Humanities Mentor

Introduction to Social Sciences: This Social Sciences Humanities Mentor Media Competency would provide a comprehensive overview of the various disciplines within social sciences, including sociology, psychology, anthropology, and political science. Students would learn about the key theories, methodologies, and research methods used in each discipline, and gain a broad understanding of the social sciences as a whole.


Cultural Anthropology: This Social Sciences Humanities Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus on the study of human cultures and societies, exploring topics such as cultural diversity, social norms, beliefs, and practices. Students would learn about different anthropological approaches and theories, and develop skills in conducting ethnographic research and analyzing cultural phenomena.

Gender Studies: This Social Sciences Humanities Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would examine the social construction of gender and its impact on individuals and societies. Students would explore topics such as gender identity, gender roles, intersectionality, and feminist theories. They would also analyze the historical and contemporary issues related to gender inequality and discrimination.

Media and Society: This Social Sciences Humanities Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would explore the role of media in shaping social attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Students would examine the influence of mass media, social media, and digital technologies on various aspects of society, including politics, culture, and identity formation. They would also critically analyze media representations and their impact on marginalized groups.

Globalization and International Relations: This Social Sciences Humanities Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would examine the processes and consequences of globalization, with a focus on its impact on international relations. Students would explore topics such as global governance, economic interdependence, cultural exchange, and transnational social movements. They would analyze the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization for nation-states, societies, and individuals.
Matt H
Social Sciences & Humanities Mentor
Stay Canada
Rate: $ 17 per hour
Speaks English Native, German C1
Experience 20 lessons
Greetings! I'm Matt, from Canada, and I have worked at European universities for several years. I have a PhD in International Relations (focused in International Political Economy), and a Bachelors in Economics and Political Science. I am generally interested in all areas of the social sciences and humanities and keen to help students with whatever challenges they might have in this area. I have five years of teaching experience at universities in England and Germany. During this time I have taught students a variety of subject matter relating to a myriad of different topics in the social sciences. I completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science at the University of Ottawa, Canada as well as a Master's degree and a PhD at the University of Sussex in the UK. My pedagogical method is student oriented, and is principled upon finding common ground in interests and life experience of my students in order to help explain and clarify the conceptual and intellectual material they are required to learn. Sign up for a trial lesson with me so that we can chat about your learning goals, and I can get a sense of you and your interests. This will help me to best personalise lesson plans that are right for you and the subject matter you need to learn or in which you are interested. I am happy to help students of all learning levels, whether it be to learn for school, university or simply out of curiosity. I can help you prepare for exams, learn course material, or structure individual research plans for projects you might need to accomplish. Contact me so that we can map out what kind of plan will work for you and your schedule.