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German Language Mentor

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Name: Haunaz S
Stay Germany
Rate: $ 16 per hour
Speaks: English C1, German Native
Experience 2 lessons
Hey Leute, mein Name ist Hauanz. Bin 22 Jahre alt und komme aus einer kleinen Stadt in Deutschland. Ich freue mich immer wieder neue Menschen kennnenzulernen und so über die Kultur zu erfahren. Während meiner Schulzeit habe ich öfters Schüler und Schülerinnen Nachhilfe gegegeben. Auch jetzt in meinem Studium helfe ich Student und Studentinnen mit der Deutschen Sprache.
Ich habe zuvor in einer Grundschule eherenamtlich gearbeitet und so vielen mit der Sprache helfen können. Mit mir lernt ihr nicht nur Vokabeln und Grammatik, sondern auch dein Hör-und Leseverstehen. Sinn ist es, dass du Spass daran hast :)
Buche gerne eine Probestunde mit mir, damit wir deine Ziele besprechen können und worauf du dich im Unterricht konzentrieren möchtest.
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Name: Alina O
Stay Ukraine
Rate: $ 40 per hour
Speaks: Russian Native, German C2, Ukrainian Native, English Native, Swedish A1
Experience 2897lessons
Certified teacher of English/German/Russian/ Ukrainian languages for children and adults with more than 13 years of experience.

Online or Face-to-face lessons (London).
Individual lessons or lessons in mini-group.
Studying of language will become your hobby📚

-Ensuring and proving the best results
- Individual Programme
- Motiation
- Achieving goals
- Providing all the necessary materials for lessons
- Teaching with passion
- Our way to success will be interesting and inspiring

I have more than 13 years of teaching and interpretation experience, working at University, attending international events, giving lessons for adults and kids.
I give myself fully to the process of teaching.
I will guide you, inspire you and always motivate you.
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Name: David S
Stay Germany
Rate: $ 14 per hour
Speaks: German Native, English B2
Experience 231 lessons
Hello and nice to meet you!
My name is David, I'm 24 years old and I come from beautiful Germany. Currently I have
a lot of time so I would like to take this opportunity to meet other people and help them improve their German.
My teaching experience is having given some lessons in schools. Also I'm a german tutor here on this platform since October 2021.
How I can help? All up to you. Improved German grammar, reading and comprehension of texts, daily conversations, working on German topics and much more. There are always comments on pronunciation to make your German sound really good.
The lessons are tailored to you so that you can enjoy them and learn a lot in the process.
You will enjoy my lessons because I am a very busy and flexible person, which means that I adapt to your learning pace so that you can get the most out of the lesson.
So don't wait too long. Book your trial class with me and voila!
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Name: Felix W
Stay Germany
Rate: $ 29 per hour
Speaks: English C1, Spanish C1, French B2, German Native
Experience 593 lessons
Certified german tutor with advanced level in English, Spanish and French
Hi! My name is Felix, I'm 24 years old and I was born and raised in Germany. I studied Translation in German, Spanish and French at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Apart from speaking several languages, I also have professional experience as a German teacher:

As part of my studies, I worked as a German teacher in the ""Casa Cultural Colombo Alemana"" in Cartagena (Colombia), where I gained a lot of teaching experience. Both as teacher and as student, I have learned that the most effective and fun way to learn a language is with as much practice as possible. Therefore, I use different media types and teaching methods such as listening to audio files, reading and translating text documents and having or trying to have conversations. Apart from that, my strength is to explain German grammar in an understandable way.

Having been a student myself, I know the difficulties of learning a language, but I'm able to teach and explain it to you in different languages. Besides, I adapt my lessons to your way of learning and to your interests. So just try a lesson with me, I'm sure we will have fun improving your German!"
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Name: Swen G
Stay Currently I am living in Krabi, Thailand
Rate: $ 16 per hour
Speaks: German Native, English B2
Experience 1807 lessons
Certified Tutor with 5 years experience
Hi. My Name is Swen I' m a native German speaker from Munich Germany. I have 2 Years of experience tutoring private students in Florida, USA as well as Krabi, Thailand.
I speak both English and German fluently and would love to help you to do the same.
I am able to teach people of all ages and i am very patient and understanding with all of my students and tailor each lesson to every students' ability and level.
My first teaching experience was in the USA in Tampa Bay, Florida where i taught German to children from 5 to 10 years old.
Currently I am living in Krabi, Thailand and teaching German to a number of locals in the area. I also teach English and German language classes to whole staff teams for a number of resorts in the area.
I would love the chance to meet you and help improve your German for whatever you need help with, whether it be for an upcoming trip to Germany or preparation for a German test I can help you with whatever you need. See you soon!
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Name: Nina Maria S
Stay Germany
Rate: $ 25 per hour
Speaks:German Native English Advanced+1
Experience 775 lessons
My name is Nina and I teach German. I was born and raised in Germany in a small village near Frankfurt am Main.

My mother tongue is German and I don’t have any accents when I’m speaking it. I also speak very good English because it’s the language I speak most often whilst traveling; I’m really happy about how much my English is developing. In school I also learned a little bit of French but I just know the basics. All in all I think it’s just so beautiful to have the skills to speak to people from another country. I strongly believe that the best way of practicing a language is by speaking to another person. That’s also the reason why I really like the idea of this page. My intention on here is to be both a great teacher and a friend with whom you can have interesting conversations with while practicing the German language.

I would be happy to practice the German language through interesting conversations about any topic you like. You can just tell me what your goals are and I will design the lesson for you in a way they fit you the best and from which you’ll get the most benefit. In my lessons I really like to work with articles, videos and songs, but because of the fact that our lessons should be helpful and enjoyable for you you can always tell me what kind of media you prefer to work with or which one you find the most helpful. To sum it up I would say that I try to make lessons not only educational but also fun. I try to make sure my students enjoy their lessons with me so that they get the best results out of them.

Book a trial so we can get to know each other and you get a feeling for how the lessons will be :)
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