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English Language Mentor

Advanced English Grammar: This Mentoring would focus on helping learners master complex grammar rules and structures in English, providing detailed explanations and practice exercises to improve their overall proficiency.

Business English Communication: This Mentoring would cater to professionals who need to enhance their English communication skills in a business setting. It would cover topics such as writing professional emails, conducting effective meetings, and delivering persuasive presentations.

English Pronunciation and Accent Training: This Mentoring would target learners who want to improve their pronunciation and reduce their accent in English. It would provide techniques and exercises to help learners articulate sounds accurately and develop a more native-like accent.

Academic Writing Skills: This Mentoring would assist students in developing strong academic writing skills in English, focusing on essay structure, research techniques, citation styles, and critical analysis. It would provide guidance and feedback to help learners produce high-quality academic papers.

English Conversation Practice: This Mentoring would offer learners the opportunity to practice their conversational skills in English through interactive activities and discussions. It would focus on building fluency, expanding vocabulary, and improving listening and speaking abilities in various real-life contexts.

Molly H.
From United Kingdom
Speaks English Native ; Spanish B1
Hi! My name is Molly, I'm a 26 year old native English speaker from the UK. Right now I'm working as an English teacher on a voluntary basis, for a charity based in Athens, Greece. I'm 26 and love to travel, meet new people, go to music events and enjoy good food & cooking!
I have a TEFL qualification as well as experience teaching English at all levels. My thinking is that you can only learn if you have a strong enough reason to - whether your motivation is to speak English when you travel abroad, be able to communicate in a formal setting at work or to read English - we can amend the lesson to suit you!
Book a trial lesson and from there we can work out how we can achieve your goals - I will work with you to make a plan that is measurable and achievable so that every lesson we are one step closer to becoming fluent in English