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Arts Mentor

 "Explore the World of Arts with an Arts Mentor" 
Unlock the profound world of creativity through the guidance of an Arts Mentor. Discover varying art forms and hone your individual artistic expertise. 

Arts Mentor: Your Guide to the Creative Universe 
Ever felt the yearning to immerse yourself in a world abundant with creativity, but not quite sure where to start? What if you could unlock your artistic potential with the help of an experienced Arts Mentor? 

Querying the phrase, "What is an Arts Mentor?" An Arts Mentor is a seasoned professional in a specific art realm who guides aspiring artists, nurturing their creativity, expertise, and craft. They help shape individual techniques, steer creativity, and pave the way for creating unique and influential art pieces. 

Art Painting: Breathe Life in Canvas 
Do you find yourself captivated by hues and strokes? Let an Arts Mentor show you the way. Under their guidance, you will discover how colors and textures can speak volumes, narrating stories without uttering a single word. 

Graphic Arts: The Fusion of Creativity & Technology 
Are you in constant awe of captivating illustrations and designs you see in books, magazines, and even digital platforms? Your artistic leaning could be towards the digital world. An Arts Mentor in the field of graphic arts can mould your artistic lens and equip you with the necessary technical skills. 

Sculpture Art: The Three-dimensional Tactile Experience 
Does the thought of chiseling or molding forms into existence seize your intrigue? An Arts Mentor specializing in sculptures can support you in mastering the art of transforming solid materials into poignant expressions of reality. 

Installation Art: Immersive and Interactive Art Experience 
Are you compelled by the atmospheric influence of art, the kind that not only catches your eyes but also engages other senses? If space evoking certain emotions fascifies you, an Arts Mentor in installation art could be your ideal guide. 

Performing Arts: The Dynamic Art 
Does your creative spirit seek an outlet through movement, sound, or dramatic expressions? A mentor in performing arts, be it theatre arts, film art, or choreographic art, can lead you through the vibrant and energetic world of live expressions. 

Ceramic Arts: Ancient Art in Modern Times 
Is your interest piqued by utilitarian or decorative art pieces, exploring form and functional aesthetics? The ancient art of ceramics could be where your passion resides. A Ceramic Art Mentor can help you shape clay into instinctual artistic expressions. In conclusion, the field of arts is diverse, complex and captivating, and the right mentor can guide you on a transformative journey through this fascinating world. Embrace the exploration and cultivate your artistic side with an Arts Mentor today.


Diana Š
From Croatia
Native English Upper-Intermediate, Croatia

Certified tutor with 10 years of experience, and Professional visual artist Hello!!! My name is Diana. In my art lesson I teach basic of traditional art drawing and painting and also advanced art skills. My teaching is educational, but relaxed and playful. You can learn all kinds of Art techniques such as pencil, pastel, ink on paper, collage, mix media, tempera, acrylic, oil on canvas, etc.

Анна М
From Ukraine
Speaks Russian Native, English B2, Ukrainian Native
Introduction: Hi, my name is Anya🙂 I have been playing the piano for over 15 years and I can teach you how to play the piano! I have been working with students of all ages for 7 years. I can teach you to play the piano from scratch, as well as help you improve your level of playing the instrument) I teach: playing piano, solfeggio, theory and music literature. I love the profession of a teacher, so I will be happy to teach you and share my knowledge and skills with you. I work with students of different ages during 7 years. I find an individual approach to each of my students. When learning musical compositions, I take into account the wishes of the student and the level of his preparation. I work according to different methods, for example, according to the method of Karl Orff, great importance is placed on the development of a sense of rhythm. I also use the Heinrich Neuhaus methodology, which contains all the necessary basic techniques for playing the piano. I will help you learn to play the piano. You will learn how to easily play music and take apart your favorite pieces. You will gain useful knowledge and learn to understand musical language. I will look forward to meeting you for a trial lesson🙂 

Kristian M
From USA
Speaks English Native

Hello! I'm Kristian, a filmmaker and digital asset manager in Los Angeles. I have produced several independent films which have been delivered to Amazon Prime. I currently film an ongoing series of comedic skits. I was born in Vancouver, Canada where I started acting from a young age and now live in California. I have received awards from various US & International film festivals and look forward to sharing my personal experience in the film industry.
I believe the best experience is not through a book but through actual practice. I have directed independent feature films, focusing on performance driven work. I love working with actors, seeing what they bring to the table and then help guide them to the next level. I have worked with young actors, running studio audition classes. Generally I work with the student on compelling monologues and two person scenes. The session begins and ends with Q&A time, where we can discuss all sorts of film related questions.
I would love to hear about your experience with acting so we can design a game plan, as you continue to move forward in the film industry. It would be fantastic to hear more about your interest in acting!

Karl B
From United States of America
1. Upgrade your accent to NATIVE LEVEL. Do not stress out native speakers or your co workers. I have a comprehensive workshop. 2. Improve your conversational technique with social dynamics. Boost your speed. Do you feel left out on social networks and chats? Many people work in the US and still cannont assimilate. 3. Are you an immigrant to the United states and have not assimilated to the culture? Millions need support just like you. 4. Streamline your cultural knowledge about my country. Language is plainly not enough. Having trouble assimilating? The United States currently faces a great influx of immigrants who are not speaking english. 5. Get a high score on any international exam. I will accompany you through every step. I can go with you on the website if you wish and register. 6. I WRITE, and READ EVERY DAY and I ENJOY IT, You are required to produce reading and writing in my classes. They can be mixed. Hi, I´m Karl, I´m from California, I´m a real language teacher with a DEGREE in EDUCATION TEACHING ENGLISH especially to those learning it as a SECOND LANGUAGE I also own a small marketing firm mostly tackling strategic product marketing, DRP´s, Customer alignment, intelligence and corporate ideology seminars because marketing is my FIRST DEGREE, ENGLISH IS MY SECOND. If I own a marketing firm then why do I teach english? The answer is simple. because teaching makes me happy and fills my heart, even more than marketing and business. . I believe everyone has a job, but also a passion. Please ask me what methods I use and I will name them for you upon request. I have experience in Early, alternative and Contemporary Approaches, Methods and Techniques related with TESOL in ENGLISH AND SPANISH. A few years ago, I reflected about my abilities to teach english which I thought were not up to par, so I decided to TRAVEL to see how other people see English WITHIN THEIR OWN EYES. I packed my bags and started to travel the world and it SHOOK ME. I felt like I had to go back, but after a few months, I actually didnt want to go back. I was enjoying the foreign world. Soon after, I applied at a school in south america and now I teach at elementary and college instutions to keep me active in teaching. I travel south america frequently. As a teacher, I learned that if you want to teach a language BETTER, you must also know about THEIR CULTURE, THEIR WORLD