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Mathematics Mentor

Level Up Your Maths with Expert Math Mentoring
Master your maths skills with Math Mentoring! Boost your problem-solving techniques, understand complex concepts, and gain confidence for exams and beyond.

Unlock Your Mathematical Potential with Math Mentoring

Are you keen to ace your upcoming maths test? Looking to enhance your problem-solving aptitudes for efficiency and accuracy? Or perhaps there's a particular mathematical concept that is proving elusive? Worry not – you have come to the right place. Through Math Mentoring, I'll help you achieve these goals and overcome your challenges swiftly. This method helps to build confidence in your mathematical abilities. It is anchored by practice and simple problem-solving techniques, allowing complex maths concepts to be understood and visualized with ease.

Math Mentoring: A Deeper Dive
The crux of my Math Mentoring technique is to facilitate understanding by effectively breaking down problems. There's a saying: "half the answer is in the wording of the question". And indeed, every problem-solving journey begins with comprehending what the question is asking. Here's how we go about it:

1 Understanding The Question: This initial phase involves in-depth analysis of the question to gain clear comprehension of what's required.
2 Identifying The Requirements: This entails breaking up the problem into manageable chunks that can be easily addressed.
3 Efficient Problem Solving: We will discover the most efficient way to solve the problem, saving time and preventing frustration.
4 Double-Checking Your Answer: To ensure accuracy and avoid careless mistakes, we always double-check our work.

With this method, not only will you build a good mathematical foundation, but you'll also amass a load of extra tips and tricks that will save you valuable time and effort.

Why Choose Math Mentoring?
Math Mentoring not only boosts your performance on tests but also equips you with valuable skills applicable beyond maths. Advanced problem-solving abilities, for instance, are highly regarded in many professions. So, are you ready to unlock your mathematical potential?

Discover a new approach to mastering maths with Math Mentoring—providing structured learning, systematic problem-solving techniques, and expert mentorship. Transform your mathematical skills and gain the confidence you need for excellence.
The approach is simple, but the results are profound. Empower yourself now and for the future, with mentorship that instills confidence, develops problem-solving acumen, and unveils mathematical concepts in a crystal-clear way. But who said it has to end there? With Math Mentoring, maths isn't just about tests and classrooms, but about applying your knowledge to real-world situations and making logical decisions. Isn't that just the kind of student you aspire to be?

Ali M
From Egypt
Speaks English Native, Arabic Native
Experience Newly
Want to pass that test coming up next week? Want to develop your problem-solving techniques to be more efficient and accurate? Stuck with some mathematical concept that you just can't get? Say no more, You're at the right place. I can help you reach your goal quicker, and gain confidence in your math skills. I believe the best way to understand something is practice and through my simple problem-solving techniques you'll be able to understand and visualize complex concepts in no time. Problem-solving Methodology: 1) Understanding the question. "Half the answer is in the wording of the question" 2) Identifying the requirements and breaking up the problem into smaller chunks that can be easily addressed. 3) finding the most efficient way to solve the problem. 4) double-checking your answer. That and extra tips and tricks that will save you time and effort.

Sumant S
From India
Speaks English Native, Hindi Native, Spanish B1
Over 10 Yrs of experience in IB (HL SL), SAT, GRE, Calculus I, II, Multi variable Calculus, AP, AS, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Homework and Exam Assistance. I love mathematics and this is what i do in all my waking hrs. I have learned that almost everyone can learn mathematics, provided its taught correctly. I help student discover math by guiding them in a non stress manner as I can see where are the gaps they have in their understanding and once those are addressed they realize that Mathematics is their favorite subject. I motivate my students by giving them good examples, historical background, use of technology, fun problems and the bigger picture of how those things fit in higher mathematics. I really believe that everyone should be able to enjoy mathematics as we enjoy music and other finer things in life. Both of my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Mathematics and are from USA. Let's schedule a demo class online and I can help you discover why mathematics is the most fun subject. I use electronic whiteboard and if you are using a stylus then we can solve the problems together. Besides that at the end of every lesson you will immediately get a pdf of all the lecture notes that you can use to review what we did in class. I can help you with the following courses in Mathematics SAT Math, GRE Math, Discrete Math, Finite Math, Business Calculus, C Programming, C++ Programming Python Programming, Transition to Advanced Mathematics, Proof Writing, Linear Algebra, Calculus 1 or Single Variable Calculus Calculus 2 Calculus 3 or Multi variable Calculus, Intro to Combinatorics, Number Theory, Into to Linear Algebra Matrix Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Basic Statistics for Engineers, Probability, Intro to Abstract Algebra Intro to Graph Theory

Mathematics Mentor
Yamna S
From Pakistan
Speaks English C1, Urdu Native
Greetings, I am a qualified, experienced, and passionate tutor for school level math to engineering mathematics so if you are looking for tutor you are at the right place. I have done electrical engineer from a well reputative university of Pakistan named NED University of Engineering and Technology. I have strong background of math and can teach to all age groups from elementary school kids to undergraduate level students. The subjects I am offering include Elementary Math, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Derivatives, Integration, Linear algebra, English, Urdu and science. Moreover, I am very patient and friendly with my students. I provide practice material to my students, give them questions as homework, teach strategies and problem-solving techniques which will help them in their exams. I would like to interact with you to find out more about your requirements and discuss your goals and preferences, then begin the wonderful journey of achieving them! Please feel free to ask if you have any queries! I would love to answer your queries.

Statistics/Math Mentor
Name:  Amit G
Statistics/Math Mentor
Stay India
Rate: $ 20 per hour
Speaks English Native, Hindi Native, Punjabi B1
Experience 2000 lessons
My name is Amit and I have 15 years of experience as Online Tutor. I am a subject matter expert for Statistics, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and General Mathematics,. Teaching these topics to various students in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Also preparing students for FAMAT/ SAT/ ACT/ GCSE in Mathematics. I use online tools for collaboration and my smart board for teaching. Mi nombre es Amit y tengo 15 años de experiencia como Tutor en línea. Soy un experto en la materia de Estadística, Álgebra, Cálculo, Trigonometría y Matemáticas Generales. Enseñando estos temas a varios estudiantes en Estados Unidos, Canadá, Europa y Asia. También preparando a los estudiantes para FAMAT / SAT / ACT/ GCSE en Matemáticas. Je m'appelle Amit et j'ai 15 ans d'expérience en tant que tuteur en ligne. Je suis un expert en statistiques, algèbre, calcul, trigonométrie et mathématiques générales. Enseigner ces sujets à divers étudiants aux États-Unis, au Canada, en Europe et en Asie. Préparer également les étudiants à FAMAT / SAT / ACT / GCSE en mathématiques. Mein Name ist Amit und ich habe 15 Jahre Erfahrung als Online Tutor. Ich bin Fachexperte für Statistik, Algebra, Analysis, Trigonometrie und Allgemeine Mathematik. Unterrichten dieser Themen an verschiedene Studenten in den USA, Kanada, Europa und Asien. Vorbereitung auf FAMAT / SAT / ACT / GCSE in Mathematik. BOOK A TRIAL LESSON NOW TO START IMMEDIATELY !!

Statistics/Math Mentor
Name:  Nathan K
Statistics/Math Mentor
Stay USA
Rate: $ 20 per hour
Speaks English Native, Hungarian Native
Experience 93 lessons
Hello my name is Nathan and I would love to be your tutor for your statistics subjects! I have 5 years of tutoring experience in Mathematics and have finished my Master's Degree this past semester. I have extensive knowledge of statistics and a teaching style to help you with all of your statistics questions! I have helped dozens of students of all levels and have never had an unsuccessful student. Lets solve your statistics problems together! I am currently only taking student's who would like long term help with their math courses (minimum 3 sessions) I have several years of experience with college and high school students I try my best to walk you though how to solve the problems so that you will able to do it on your own later on. My students have never failed a class with my help because after our sessions your understanding of the subject will be much better than coming into it. Please send me a message to book a trial session so we can start working together!
Name:  Ashar H
Statistics/Math Mentor
Stay Pakistan
Rate: $ 17 per hour
Speaks English Native, Urdu Native
Experience 457 lessons
Hello! My Name is Ashar and I am a University Level Statistics And Discrete Mathematics Tutor and I have been Teaching Different Subjects at Different Levels for the last 11 years. As A Statistics tutor, I always want my students to learn more about statistics because the root of statistics is now reaching in other subjects as well and Statistics is now an important part of real-world business problems and plays a vital role in forecasting the strategies which work best for creating the sustainable world. My style of teaching statistics is simple and understandable for those who don't have any background in statistics. The core of my teaching is that students learn to apply the knowledge in solving real-life problems and made them able to get good grades in their respective compulsory statistical courses. My teaching starts from basics and I used many examples to explain the concepts. Conceptual understanding is very important in Learning Statistics. So I tried my best that students learn the concepts. I am an expert in using statistical software because nowadays it's very common now to use STATA, SPSS, MATLAB, R STUDIO, and Python. So I can provide teaching with the help of using all software as well. So If you need any helping in doing your homework or assignments, quiz preparations, exams preparations, or Research projects. Topic and more details about subjects are mentions in subjects. I can teach all the concepts of statistics. Qualification:- I hold a Degree of M.Phil. in Statistics from the National College of Business Administration and Economics Pakistan and Holding MS In Management Sciences from the Virtual University of Pakistan. Got different certifications of teaching online from different organizations. Strength of My teaching: My teaching style is interactive, simple, and easy to understand the explanations of every Concept, Student-centered teaching, Motivation, and Encouragement for Students, helping students to learn and understand the concepts So that they can do their Assignments and Exams Independently and successfully. With the use of a whiteboard in an online class and providing you real-time teaching experience on MS WORD, I will make a lesson more interactive and engaging for students with the help of different statistical tools. I help you in doing your homework, Final year projects, quizzes, and exams preparation which leads you towards the creative solution. Student feedback shows you my grip on my subjects If you really need help and if you are stuck somewhere in statistics feel free to book a trial lesson with me and if you want to become an expert in Statistics you can take help from me. I am really looking forward to helping you in the journey of learning statistics.
Name:  Saima S
Statistics/Math Mentor
Stay Pakistan
Rate: $ 20 per hour
Speaks English B2, Urdu Native, Punjabi Native
Experience 52 lessons
Hello, I am Saima from Pakistan, currently living in Spain Barcelona. My qualification is • M.Sc statistics from the University of the Punjab Lahore and • Master of Education • I am a professional certified teacher for Statistics/Math in a government college since 2012. My goal is to make sure I bring the best content to my students.I am passionate in sharing information, helping and mentoring students. My teaching experience is more than 9 years. I also served as a master trainer for introducing high level of teaching strategies in Statistical quality control & Statistical analysis. I teach with fun and use practical examples for Statistical Sampling, Trigonometry, Time series & Statistical Inference. I build the foundation of my students first- so that they could easily understand the advance concepts thereafter. I have taught school to university-level students online & offline, one-on-one & in groups. I focus on the best outcomes, high IQ level & advance subjective and objective approach in Statistics/Math. • To deliver lessons, I will use Preply Space & innovative digital applications to explain the concepts, graphs and equations step by step. Regular activity-based assignments and tests will be given to you. I will create personalized plans that will help you achieve your goals in an optimized way. The study plans will be dynamic and will continue to evolve as your skills improve. I will explain complex material in a simple way and will provide exercises, slides and extra material. Based on my long teaching experience, I am sure I can prepare you the best.Hope so by selecting me as your tutor you will be in demand of the world. My kind and patient personality means that I am able to motivate and inspire students of all ages and abilities. • Please feel free to contact me & book a trial lesson with me.Thank you

Algebra  Mentor

Unlocking Potential through Algebra Mentoring

Dive into the world of algebra and explore the impactful role of algebra mentoring in shaping future mathematicians and problem solvers. 


Introduction: Unveiling the Power of Algebra 
Algebra, originating from the Arabic word 'Al-jabr' meaning 'completion', is a branch of mathematics that delves into the fascinating interplay of numbers, variables, and equations. Whether you're an aspiring engineer, economist, or mathematician, algebra serves as a foundation you can't afford to bypass. But, what happens when this foundational element appears challenging? In comes the power of algebra mentoring. So, what exactly is algebra mentoring? 

Algebra Mentoring: A Beacon of Guidance
In simple terms, algebra mentoring is about one-on-one guidance by an algebra expert. It involves sharing expertise, strategies, and knowledge about the subject and drawing on hands-on exercises to ensure understandability. But why is algebra mentoring so important? 

Why Algebra Mentoring is Crucial 
When the going gets tough in algebra, it's not uncommon to face a fair share of hurdles. That's where algebra mentoring shines brightly. It's more than just pouring information into a student's brain, but about growing their interest, clearing misconceptions, and sharpening problem-solving skills. It gives a student the liberty to learn the subject at their own pace and comfort, ensuring they master it. 

Building Confidence through Mentoring 
One of the fundamental tasks of an algebra mentor is to build a student's confidence. It's about turning their "I can't" into an "I can". Through effective mentoring, a student learns to view algebra not as a mountain of complex equations, but as a logical puzzle to unlock. 

Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills 
The goal of algebra is not just to memorize formulas, but to understand underlying principles and improve problem-solving capabilities. An algebra mentor, through personalized teaching methods, can help a student achieve this feat. 

The Way Forward: Embracing Algebra Mentoring 
With the rising complexity in academic curricula, algebra mentoring is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It's about empowering a student to navigate through the labyrinth of algebra independently and confidently. So, are you ready to turn the tables on your algebra struggles? 

Not all heroes wear capes; some carry an algebra textbook and a passion for guiding others. Undoubtedly, algebra mentoring is the unsung hero in the realm of algebra learning, enlightening minds, and sculpting winners of tomorrow. So, why wait? Embrace algebra mentoring; embrace the joy of learning. Now that you know the importance of algebra mentoring and its undeniable influence in developing a strong mathematical foundation, don't you want to gift your child the power of transformation? 

Conclusion: Empower with Algebra Mentoring 
To sum up, whether it's unraveling the mysteries of algebra or building a student’s confidence, algebra mentoring plays an integral role. In this arithmetic journey, the mentor isn't just a guide, but a catalyst, transforming a jumbling journey into a smooth adventure. Do you have what it takes to embark on this incredible journey? Algebra may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the right mentoring, it can certainly become one.

"Algebra Basics: A Comprehensive Guide" - This Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would cover the fundamental concepts of algebra, including equations, inequalities, functions, and graphing. It would provide step-by-step explanations and examples to help learners build a strong foundation in algebra.

"Solving Algebraic Equations: Strategies and Techniques" - This Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus specifically on solving algebraic equations, including linear equations, quadratic equations, and systems of equations. It would teach learners various strategies and techniques to approach different types of equations and provide practice problems to reinforce their understanding.

"Algebraic Manipulation: Simplifying and Expanding Expressions" - This Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would delve into the art of algebraic manipulation, teaching learners how to simplify and expand algebraic expressions. It would cover topics such as factoring, combining like terms, and using the distributive property, providing learners with the skills to simplify complex expressions and solve more advanced algebraic problems.

"Algebraic Functions and Graphing: Understanding Relationships" - This Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would explore the concept of algebraic functions and how they can be represented graphically. It would cover topics such as linear functions, quadratic functions, and exponential functions, teaching learners how to analyze and interpret graphs to understand the relationships between variables.

"Advanced Algebra: Polynomials, Rational Expressions, and Exponents" - This Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would cater to learners who already have a solid understanding of basic algebra and want to further their knowledge. It would cover advanced topics such as polynomials, rational expressions, and exponents, providing learners with the skills to solve complex algebraic problems and prepare them for more advanced math Algebra Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi.

Joshua B
From USA
Speaks English Native
I make math and physics understandable by using real-world examples. I help students understand difficult homework problems and prepare for upcoming exams. I am very patient and enjoy helping students grow in their knowledge at their own pace. Typically, a tutoring session will be in two parts. The first part will cover any pressing homework assignments. The second part covers conceptual learning, using the time left after tackling assignments. I highly encourage you to book your first session with me. You will see how math can be both enjoyable and understandable.

Anu J
From India
Engineer with a passion to teach Math. I graduated from the University of Calicut (India) with bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. I worked as lecturer and as a software engineer for close to two years. I completed my master’s degree with a major in embedded systems in 2014 from Amrita University (India). I have 6 years of experience tutoring students in math from all over the world. My teaching methods are based on these simple approaches: 1. Be thorough with the basics and ensure that students understand the concepts 2. Solve questions together using online interactive whiteboard . 3. Provide home works based on the topics covered . Here is what I can do for you: Solve your math problems and provide you a thorough explanation of all the concepts and theory behind it. Look forward to work with you. Thank you. Have a nice day. :) I have more than 7 years of online tutoring experience . Initially I was working for Pearson Educational services . Majority of students are from United states . Book a trial session with me so that we can discuss the goals !!!. I customize sessions based on student requirements. Thank you ! .

Usman H
From USA
I hold a bachelor's degree in Politics with a minor in History from New York University, and have been tutoring middle school and high school math since February 2020. While I enjoy discussing a variety of subjects, tutoring math, history, and political science are perhaps most appealing to me. I find that the act of explaining something to someone else helps me to understand it on an even deeper level, and that is almost as gratifying as helping someone discover something new. I especially like to help students make connections between what we're learning now, what they've learned before, and other subjects in the field. I'd be happy to provide a trial lesson to show you how I can help. I have nearly two years of experience in tutoring, mostly one-on-one in an online setting with some experience tutoring two students at a time. Let's meet up for a trial lesson! We can talk about your goals, and how we can help you to achieve them together.

Gene Euclid D
From Philippines
Speaks English B2, Tagalog Native
I am a registered Civil Engineer and a graduate of BS Civil Engineering at University of the Philippines and currently taking up Master's degree in Civil Engineering at the same university. I have taught to 3 separate tutorial centers (Kumon Int.l , Tutorlink, and Abest) and also tutored more than 7 private students for 4 years. I specialize in one-on-one tutoring and help struggling students not only pass their subject or exam, but also score higher and appreciate math better. Parents and students commend me for my skills, patience and enthusiasm in teaching mathematics. My strongest feature as a tutor is to be very flexible to different personalities and attitude of students and devise an approach that works effectively for them. I am very much looking forward to help you and rest-assure that you're in good hands

Marissa T
Stay Philippines
I was with Kumon International for 4 years handled math and reading from pre-school to high school level and presently a senior high school math teacher and research teacher. I also have my tutorial lessons after school teaching both from elementary and secondary high school I am a BS Chemical Engineering Graduate so i can also teach the Engineering Math Subjects. My edge is my patience, punctuality and skills... Looking forward to be a part of your or your child's learning process...and i can assure you that i will give my very best

Stephen M
From Kenya
Welcome to my page! I am an experienced tutor, with a master's degree in Pure Mathematics. My lessons are fun, fast paced and focused, and I am confident that we are going to be very productive. I love mathematics and after interacting with you, I will make sure that you love the subject as much as I do. I am convinced that the best way to master mathematics is through practice and less theory. Our goal is to achieve competence through maximum involvement and focus on the subject. I will not ask you to sit quietly by yourself and consume information, Things will be different from the typical predictable classroom. Please book a lesson and see for yourself!