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Turkish Language Mentor

Melek A
From Turkey
Speaks English C1 ; Turkish Native ; Arabic B2 ; Albanian Native

Hello here. My aim is to teach you lessons more efficiently and to teach the Turkish language in a fun way. I am interested in different subjects such as history, food, dance, sports, books and travel. I am very interested in foreign languages ​​and I enjoy teaching my mother tongue!

I have been trying to teach Turkish for a few years. I had face to face teaching experience as well. I do enjoy teaching Turkish. I will try to do my best for the sake of teaching you Turkish. I will provide you with some additional visual and audial materials so that you can internalize the things that we cover during the lessons. I will try to create more engaging activities or exercises so that you could learn properly. I offer courses for different age groups and will be happy to adapt the material and content of our courses to your needs.

My lessons & teaching style
My classes are designed to help you get more comfortable speaking Turkish while also improving your language, pronunciation, and grammar skills, as well as expanding your vocabulary. I primarily practice this using an informal teaching style because I have experience with how useful this approach can be while learning a language. Yet, I am also willing to teach sessions that are more structured, such as written exercises, homework etc. For me, the most important thing is that you feel more comfortable so that you can learn quickly. Please let me know your needs and plans for studying Turkish so that I can determine the best program for you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

My teaching material
• PDF file
• Text Documents
• Audio files
• Image files
• Video files
• Flashcards
• Articles and news
• Homework Assignments