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Language Mentor


Japanese Language Mentor

Kyoka Y
From Japan
Speaks English B2 ; Japanese Native

Hello dear my future students!! I am a very supportive and encouraging teacher. Learning a language can at times feel like an uphill battle and in those times it is easy to feel discouraged. Which is why having a positive mindset and always focusing on improvement. I have passion for teaching and really enjoy to join their language journey.
Me as a teacher...Never give up.
As long as you come to the lesson, I always do my best and try to be a best teacher for you!!
About me...I grew up in Tokyo in Japan and I know how amazing Japanese culture is. So I started to teach Japanese and share my knowlege. I am currently a college student and study marketing. And I just started learning Spanish beside English. So I can understand how difficult to learn new language. I'm very patient so please follow me !!!
I've volunteered at the Japanese language school.
Please book a trial lesson with me first, we can set your goal and make plans for it ! I promise you enjoy the lesson and learn new things!! I want to do my best and support all my students who really want to learn and improve Japanese. So I'm currently looking for students who want to do lessons for a long term.


Korean language Mentor

Kwangho K
From Korea
Speaks English C2 ; Korean Native ; Japanese A1
Do you think my lessons are expensive?
All of my students say it's worth every cent, and it's reasonable.
As you can see, I have the most students among the Korean tutors on Preply, and there are good reasons why! I've asked my students, who've taken lessons from other tutors, why did they choose me over them, and I could narrow it down to these five reasons below.
First of all, I AM PATIENT
There are two types of Korean tutors, the ones whose mother tongue is Korean and the ones who learnt it as a second language.
Tutors may assume that they are patient with their students, but that may not be the case from the student's perspective. I have met countless students so far and I take pride in my non judgmental and patient approach to teaching.
You don’t need to be nervous or embarrassed when you make mistakes or give a wrong answer!
JUST BE WRONG. I am here for you!
Before I began teaching Korean, I felt that I didn’t have much talent. However, as I gained more experience, I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from my students which proves to me that I am a good tutor. I realize now that I have a special talent that can be utilized by many people who are endeavouring to improve their Korean language skills with a trustworthy and committed tutor.
My schedule is always open so that my students can flexibly take their lessons.
Controlling my schedule and preparing for each lesson is not easy. But I make it happen because I am here for you!
I am so passionate about teaching Korean and every time my students says, “Thank you!” I feel completely re-energised and eager to teach them more.
I think these things have me a popular tutor on Preply in just 6 months.
For most students, I am the only one who is guiding their Korean journey. This is why I constantly strive to focus on improving their ability no matter what.
Whenever I have spare time, I make materials for students.
Regardless of your level or pace, I will provide the best teaching service and CUSTOMIZED TEXTBOOK for you.
I don’t have any qualifications to teach a foreign language. However, I am an expert in teaching Korean, and the number of students, lessons, reviews further prove this.
I am running Korean Crew - a Korean education team supported by the Korean government and my university. My team members and I keep researching the best ways to teach Korean in interesting and effective ways every day.
These are the five reasons why you should study Korean with me!
I will save your time and money.
I have the most students among all Preply Korean tutors.
I don’t just teach beginners, I have students at various levels who study Korean with me. Aside from the lessons, I give you opportunities to practice speaking Korean. I match my students with each other and guide them. If you want, you can join them as well!
Kill two birds with one stone by taking my class!
I am always here for you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me : )
My name is Kwangho and I live in Busan, South Korea.
As Preply’s most popular tutor, I’ve delivered over 4600 hours of lessons since March 2020 which has equipped me with the knowledge, experience and understanding on how to teach each of my students with the upmost passion in the most efficient manner. My full-time job consists of teaching Korean to my students as well as running Korean Crew, an online Korean language learning company that provides an extremely popular writing correction and feedback service, basic to advanced grammar notes, original digital listening + reading materials and much more! Because I love my job so much, my schedule is always open to suit my student’s needs and their busy lives so wherever they are and whenever they wish they can study Korean with me.
This is just a trial lesson. so you don't need to be nervous : ) If you have any questions about my lesson, don't hesitate to ask me : )


Chinese language Mentor

Chinese language Mentor
Jun Z
From China
Speaks Chinese (Mandarin) Native ; English C1 ; French B1
Hi, it's Jun from China. I’m a native speaker of Chinese and I can speak English and un peu de français.
I love travelling! Before the pandemic, I've traveled almost all around the world. It's always a great pleasure to meet people, share different cultures and discover something new. And I believe this helps me better understand and relate to my students.
I have the Mandarin Proficiency Test certificate. And I’m a Chinese language teacher certified by IPA.
As a professional trainer in the tourism industry, teaching the international trainees & managements mandarin to help them better adapt to the new environment is one of my main subjects. I am so proud to see the progress of my students as they grow their Chinese skills.
My goal is to help you practice and build your confidence and fluency. As a student, no matter if you want to learn Chinese from ABC.., to improve your speaking or better understanding Chinese culture, it is my pleasure to tailor the class to meet the individual needs.
Do not hesitate. A trial lesson will help us to learn more about each other.


Indonesia language Mentor

Astri A
From Indonesia
Speaks English C1 ; Japanese B1 ; Indonesian Native

Hello, there!

My name is Astri and I'm a native Indonesian. I have extensive experience as an English - Indonesian translator and editor.
Languages are my passion and it would give me joy to be able to teach you my native language. I will create casual and fun lessons to help you improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation skills.
I believe context is important in learning a language. So, instead of memorizing a bunch of words on their own, connecting words and sentences to certain situations would help greatly. And what better ways to do that than reading articles?!
Yes, I will teach you bahasa Indonesia through news and entertainment articles that will help you improve your understanding of Indonesian language while also keeping yourself up-to-date with current events in Indonesia.
Don't hesitate to message me and let me know your goal and purpose in learning bahasa Indonesia.


Arabic language Mentor

Arabic language Mentor
Sara J
From Lebanon
Speaks English C1

Hello there and welcome! :) My name is Sara I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Lebanon. I am a private Arabic and English teacher with more than 3 years of experience in teaching online and in-person. I am currently (working at the hospital as a nutritionist…). I am very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching Arabic, and also helping students with their assignments, papers and projects. I am a very energetic and extravert person who enjoys meeting people from different background and cultures. I enjoy reading, hiking and traveling and I also enjoy cooking and find it therapeutic!!
I’ve taught arabic online and in-person, Have had a variety of students, from small children to adults. Over the three years I really understood how to approach different groups, how to understand their skills, expectations, goals, and adjust my teaching accordingly. I want to say that I’ve managed to help my students meet their goals time and again. Whether it was passing a certain language exam, getting to a foreign university. I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and will try my best to do the same with you students.
I can help you to speak arabic in no time, from basics to advance levels. My focus is to make lessons fun interacting and knowledgeable i cant wait to meet you


Hindi language Mentor

Hindi language Mentor
Prachi C
From India
Speaks English C1 ; Hindi Native
Namaste! I am a native Hindi speaker, and a professional teacher with a 2 yr - degree in teaching and 7 yrs of experience in teaching Hindi in reputed secondary schools in Delhi NCR region.
I have a deep interest in India Mythology, Bhajans and Vedic hymns [ I know Ramayana and Mahabharata by heart ]. I am a big movie buff and an avid reader. I like exploring new places and meeting new people.
I have been teaching Hindi on Preply for past 2 yrs, to students from all around the globe, who are at different levels of proficiency. And yes, "ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS:" too (for children above 10 years) !!
Teaching Motto
I believe, 'While learning a new language, speaking broken sentences is way better than not speaking at all'. Hence I encourage all my students to start making their own sentences after the first class itself. And what's even better? They do!!
100% student centric course material
Talking like a native ( which includes knowing the double meaning sentences and words, superstitions and stories behind them, and vocabulary that everyone uses , not just Hindi translation of English words)
I won't give you a long list of words to cram, but you will still find yourself learning new words, through games, jokes, memes and stories (mythological stories are my favorite).
I explain the concepts, instead of word-to-word translation, so that you know the how's and why's.
I assign you homework after every lesson, so that you come up with doubts and learn even more, even faster.
Telling all fun and not so fun things about India to keep you entertained :)
Course Structure
The course is student centric and at no point you would feel overwhelmed with the pace of the course.
For conversation : I teach Hindi using English Alphabets, basic grammar and vocabulary.
For Reading and writing : I teach Devnagri (the script of Gods, no less) with the help of whiteboard and
For exam preparations : I teach finer nuances of grammar crafted into bit size pieces for easier understanding
Teaching Methodology
A student centric course is one where the lessons are designed keeping the students in mind. Where the knowledge is imparted in understandable bits which a student can retain and recall.
As many researchers have pointed out learning a language depends a lot on repetition so I provide ample practice exercises to students. I also try to make classes interesting by incorporating songs Hindi songs & rhymes, games and stories. I also tell relatable jokes and memes to introduce complex phrases and vocabulary


Polish Language Mentor

Embark on an exciting linguistic journey with our Polish Language Mentoring for Learners. Expert guidance, utmost trust and a unique approach to language learning.
Are you ready to infuse some Polish charm into your linguistic skills?

Polish Language Mentoring for Learners
Dobry dzień! Ready to unlock a new linguistic realm? You've come to the right write-up! Here, we'll guide you on your journey towards mastering the Polish language through our tailored mentoring.
Polish Language Mentoring for Learners: Creating Linguistic Masters
With the guidance of experienced language mentors, our program aims to mould learners who aim to elevate their communication skills and refine their research competencies. Does this mentoring program fulfill your language learning needs?
No One is Born a Linguist
Then why should you be left behind? Our seasoned mentors simplify the path to articulating your thoughts in Polish by breaking down complex grammar rules, supporting vocabulary enrichment, and easing pronunciation difficulties.
In simplified terms, they'll guide you in wearing your Polish vocabulary as comfortably as a "Pierogi" fits on a Polish dinner table.
Why not dive into the pool of Polish language proficiency with our award-winning mentors?
Crush the Language Barrier
Mentoring for learners encompasses a unique approach - think of it as tailored suit, specially made for your language learning needs. Our mentors adapt their teaching style to your cognitive demands, thereby fashioning a learning journey that's as unique as you!
A Research-Driven Approach
But what's unique about our approach? The deep emphasis we place on developing your research competencies! Our mentors guide you on how to explore reliable sources, understand linguistic patterns and use findings to enhance your Polish proficiency.
Why take a traditional approach when you can exercise your research efficacy parallel to learning a new language?
An Emphasis on Trust and Expertise
With a plethora of language learning platforms, why should one opt for our Polish Language Mentoring for Learners?
Essentially, our program hinges on two primary principles: expertise and trust. Our mentors are not only native language experts, fluent in Polish, but your trust-worthy sidekicks on your route to Polish proficiency! With us, you embark on a linguistic journey armed with professional guidance and proven methodologies.
So there you have it, our approach to Polish Language Mentoring for Learners. Whether your goal is to study, work or simply visit Poland, our system is designed to accelerate your learning and generate linguistically proficient scholars.
Why depend on translation software when you can enjoy the essence of every conversation, understand every cultural nuance and connect on a deeper level? With our efficient mentoring, you'll be a Polish pro before you know it!


Karina S
From Poland
Speaks English B2 ; Portuguese A1 ; Polish Native
Hi, I'm originally from Poland, but I've been living in Portugal for half a year, where I spent half a year on an Erasmus+ exchange, but decided to stay here permanently. I'm in the fifth year of psychology. In my spare time I like to swim, read, dance and play the guitar. Previously, I also studied acting. So far, my greatest experience has been working with children. I have been studying Russian and Portuguese for some time, so I know what a beginning student struggles with.:) My goal is for the student to start communicating in Polish as soon as possible.
I am familiar with various techniques for creative learning and effective teaching. From the beginning of learning, I focus on conversations, but also on developing listening comprehension, reading and writing skills. I introduce the culture of Poland, show our interesting traditions and try to make the lessons interesting and support the memorization process. I am flexible and adapt to the needs and abilities of the student. I conduct lessons in English or Polish, but I teach speaking from the very first lesson.
Book a trial lesson with me, we'll talk about your goals and Polish language learning needs. If you are a beginner, I promise that you will start saying your first words after the first lesson. Sometimes I use a textbook, but I mainly want to show you interesting phrases that will help you sound natural. See you there!


Portuguese Language Mentor

Immerse in the colors of Portuguese culture with our globally acclaimed Portuguese Language Mentoring for Travelers. Get tailored lessons and join our thriving learner community!

Portuguese Language Mentoring for Travelers
Portuguese Language Mentoring for Travelers is creating a buzz in the travel community. This innovative language mentoring project is going from strength to strength and is becoming a go-to for travelers eager to learn the luscious language of Portugal. So, what makes this project so successful and why should you consider joining? Let's dive right in.

Why Choose Portuguese Language Mentoring for Travelers?
Ever fancy speaking Portuguese as you stroll through the vibrant streets of Lisbon or sunbathe on a beach in São Miguel? Well, then, this initiative is a perfect fit. It offers personalized mentoring that caters directly to the needs of those tasting the nomadic lifestyle. What's more captivating is how often students give glowing feedback about their palpable progress and newfound confidence.

Unrivaled Experience and Expertise
The project is backed by a team of seasoned language mentors, boasting significant expertise in Portuguese as well as the art of teaching. Their deep understanding of common linguistic pitfalls and how to overcome them is second to none. Isn't it reassuring to have experts by your side when you embark on a new learning journey?

Trust and Authority
The authenticity of this language mentoring project is applause-worthy. Customers from diverse backgrounds vouch for the project's credibility, marking it as a trusted companion for their language learning journey. Success stories are aplenty, and as you can guess, the aura of trust has only amplified with time.

Engaging and Effectual Methodology
A USP of this project is its focus on practical language use. The mentors emphasize contextual learning, engaging sessions with quizzes, role-plays, and useful expressions. This style is a refreshing shift from the traditional rote-based learning, which often fails to equip learners for real-life conversations. Wouldn't you prefer learning in a fun, engaging, practical way?

All-round Support
The project doesn't just stop at providing language sessions. Once you're part of it, you're welcomed into a whole community of learners, opportunities for cultural exchange, and round-the-clock language assistance. Imagine being part of a supportive group that shares the same enthusiasm as you for learning!

Begin Your Journey Now!
Portuguese Language Mentoring for Travelers is not just another language-learning course, but rather a comprehensive support system to ensure your language learning journey is fruitful, enjoyable, and as smooth as possible. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!
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Andreia M
From Portugal
Speaks English C2 ; Portuguese Native ; Spanish B2 Korean A2
I was born in Porto, near the sea. I grew up with a great passion for swimming. In 2020, I immigrated to South Korea. I like sports and movies
Always been really good at languages, so right now my goal in life is to teach others to speak my language.
I know learning a language can sometimes be challenging, but I'm here to help you and make you feel more comfortable with my native language.
I've been teaching Portuguese for over five years, my career started when I started teaching at my local school. Then during the pandemic, I start teaching online.
Right now I'm an online Portuguese teacher but I also I'm a teacher at the local school in Seoul.
I know that each student has a different way of learning so I am up to the challenge to help you learn this new language.
I am flexible and adaptable. I want to know what you are seeking in your language gaps and work together to help you reach your goals. I am a solutions-seeker and constructive. I think advising and guiding are essential, instead of criticizing and pointing out flaws. So, don't be afraid if you don't speak well; it's a learning process.
Depending on your level, I'll increase the difficulty by requesting a higher level of care, sharpness, and attention. I try to make fun of classes.
All my students have improved very significantly since we start having classes together, I can guarantee you, that you will have big development in the language.