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History Mentor

"Exploring Ancient Civilizations: A Journey through Time"

This History Mentor Media Competency would provide a comprehensive overview of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia. Students would learn about their political systems, cultural achievements, and historical significance.

"Revolutionary Moments: Understanding Key Turning Points in History"

This History Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would focus on pivotal moments in history that have shaped the world we live in today. Topics could include the American Revolution, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, and the Civil Rights Movement.

"Women in History: Uncovering Hidden Narratives"

This History Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would highlight the contributions and experiences of women throughout history. Students would explore the lives of influential women such as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, and Marie Curie, and analyze the societal challenges they faced.

"The World Wars: Examining the Global Impact"

This History Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would delve into the causes, events, and consequences of World War I and World War II. Students would analyze the political, social, and economic effects of these conflicts on various nations and regions.

"Decolonization and Independence Movements: Empires in Transition"

This History Mentor Media Competency Kompetensi would explore the process of decolonization and the rise of independence movements in countries across the world. Students would examine the struggles for independence in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and analyze the long-term effects of these movements.
Name:  Eshita A
History Mentor
Stay India
Rate: $ 8 per hour
Speaks English C2, Hindi Native
Experience 75 lessons
Introduction: When you think of history, you'll probably think of a boring class with sleepy students and an uninterested teacher. Right? That's exactly what I want my students to never think of! Hi, I'm Eshita and I'm here to make learning fun. I'm a history passionate as well as an active student of History and Geography. History has always been my interest, I've tried to get a thorough study through books and papers. As a young tutor I opt for creative ways and simplest approach in my methodology. I learned most of the history on my own and developed my own ways of learning it, that makes my lessons as easy as I studied it. I'm specialized in American history, South Asian History which includes the ancient civilizations, the dark ages, invasion by Mongols, colonial rule; World history including the Medieval Ages. To have a great experience in learning, be it for exams or amazing discussions. I would encourage you to book a lesson with me. 

Name:  Suse G
History Mentor
Stay Portugal
Rate: $ 22 per hour
Speaks English C1, Portuguese Native, French A2, Chinese (Mandarin) B1
Experience 685 lessons
Introduction: Olá! My name is Suse. I'm from Portugal but I live in France. I taught Portuguese at a Chinese university for 3 years before returning to Europe. I also have experience in teaching online classes. Are you preparing for an exam? Do you want to improve your Portuguese in everyday life? Maybe you are preparing to visit a Portuguese speaking country? Gain confidence in speaking fluently and freely with me. Classes will be taught according to your level and prepared exclusively to meet your expectations and goals. Acquiring a language is a very interesting process and a lot of people wish they could have other classes like culture or history. Send me a message and choose the subject you want to study. A learning environment should be calm but lessons should be fun and interesting, and that how I like to teach my students. If you are interested in learning a language and experience a culture join my class!
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