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Idea Work Figures Middle East

Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Bukhari (Arabic: أبو عبد الله محمد بن إسماعيل البخاري, Russian: Абу Абдиллах Мухаммад Бин Исмаил Аль-Бухари), born in Bukhorо, 13 Syawal 194 AH (21 July 810 AD) - died in Khartank, 1 Syawal 256 H (1 September 870 AD), or better known as Imam Bukhari, is a famous hadith expert among hadith experts from the past until now along with Muslim Imams, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, An-Nasai and Ibn Majah and even in books of jurisprudence and hadith, his hadiths have a high degree. Some call him the nickname Amirul Mukminin fil Hadith (the leader of those who believe in hadith science). In this field, almost all scholars in the world refer to him.

In order to collect and select authentic hadiths, Bukhari spent 16 years visiting various cities to meet with transmitters of hadiths and collect and select hadiths. The cities he visited were Basra, Egypt, Hijaz (Mecca and Medina), Kufa, Baghdad and West Asia. In Baghdad, Bukhari often met and talked with the great scholar Ahmad bin Hanbal. In these cities he met with 80,000 narrators. From them he collected and studied a million hadiths.

However, not all the hadiths that he memorized were then narrated, but he was first selected with a very strict selection of whether the sanad (history) of the hadith was continuous and whether the narrator (transistor/carrier) of the hadith was trustworthy and strong. According to Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani, eventually Bukhari wrote down as many as 9082 hadiths in his monumental work Al Jami`al-Shahih known as Shahih Bukhari. Many hadith experts studied with him such as Sheikh Abu Zahrah, Abu Hatim Tirmidhi, Muhammad Ibn Nasr and Imam Muslim.

Hadith teachers and acquirers of hadith knowledge include Ali ibn Al Madini, Ahmad bin Hanbal, Yahya bin Ma'in, Muhammad ibn Yusuf Al Faryabi, Maki ibn Ibrahim Al Bakhi, Muhammad ibn Yusuf al Baykandi and ibn Rawaiih. In addition there are 289 hadith experts whose hadiths are cited in his book "Shahih Bukhari".

Imam Bukhari was very courteous in his research and selection of hadiths and in his discussions with narrators. His criticism of the narrators is also very subtle but sharp. Regarding the narrators whose lies were obvious, he said, "It is necessary to consider, "The scholars abandoned it", or "The scholars kept silent from it" while the narrators whose hadiths were unclear stated, "The hadiths were denied". He said: "I have left ten thousand hadiths narrated by narrators to be reckoned with, and I have left an equal number or more hadiths from narrators which I think should be taken into account."

Many scholars or narrators were found, so that Bukhari carefully and accurately recorded many of their identities and attitudes. To get complete information about a hadith, check the accuracy of a hadith he repeatedly visited scholars or narrators even though they were in cities or countries far away such as Baghdad, Kufa, Egypt, Sham, Hijaz as he said "I have visited Sham , Egypt, and Jazirah twice each; to Basrah four times, staying in the Hijaz for six years, and I can't count the number of times I visited Kufah and Baghdad to meet the scholars of hadith experts."

In addition to his busy life as a hadith expert, he is also known as a scholar and expert on jurisprudence and does not even forget sports and recreational activities such as archery to become proficient in it. In fact, according to history, Imam Bukhari never missed a single shot except on two occasions.

Imam Bukhari's works include:
Al-Jami' ash-Shahih yang dikenal sebagai Shahih Bukhari, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, Adh-Dhu'afa ash-Shaghir, At-Tarikh ash-Shaghir, At-Tarikh al-Ausath, At-Tarikh al-Kabir, At-Tafsir al-Kabir, Al-Musnad al-Kabir, Kazaya Shahabah wa Tabi'in, Kitab al-Ilal, Raf'ul Yadain fi ash-Shalah, Birr al-Walidain, Kitab ad-Du'afa, Asami ash-Shahabah, Al-Hibah, Khalq Af'al al-Ibad, Al-Kuno, Al-Qira'ah Khalf al-Imam
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