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Hindi language Mentor

Hindi language Mentor
Prachi C
From India
Speaks English C1 ; Hindi Native
Namaste! I am a native Hindi speaker, and a professional teacher with a 2 yr - degree in teaching and 7 yrs of experience in teaching Hindi in reputed secondary schools in Delhi NCR region.
I have a deep interest in India Mythology, Bhajans and Vedic hymns [ I know Ramayana and Mahabharata by heart ]. I am a big movie buff and an avid reader. I like exploring new places and meeting new people.
I have been teaching Hindi on Preply for past 2 yrs, to students from all around the globe, who are at different levels of proficiency. And yes, "ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS:" too (for children above 10 years) !!
Teaching Motto
I believe, 'While learning a new language, speaking broken sentences is way better than not speaking at all'. Hence I encourage all my students to start making their own sentences after the first class itself. And what's even better? They do!!
100% student centric course material
Talking like a native ( which includes knowing the double meaning sentences and words, superstitions and stories behind them, and vocabulary that everyone uses , not just Hindi translation of English words)
I won't give you a long list of words to cram, but you will still find yourself learning new words, through games, jokes, memes and stories (mythological stories are my favorite).
I explain the concepts, instead of word-to-word translation, so that you know the how's and why's.
I assign you homework after every lesson, so that you come up with doubts and learn even more, even faster.
Telling all fun and not so fun things about India to keep you entertained :)
Course Structure
The course is student centric and at no point you would feel overwhelmed with the pace of the course.
For conversation : I teach Hindi using English Alphabets, basic grammar and vocabulary.
For Reading and writing : I teach Devnagri (the script of Gods, no less) with the help of whiteboard and
For exam preparations : I teach finer nuances of grammar crafted into bit size pieces for easier understanding
Teaching Methodology
A student centric course is one where the lessons are designed keeping the students in mind. Where the knowledge is imparted in understandable bits which a student can retain and recall.
As many researchers have pointed out learning a language depends a lot on repetition so I provide ample practice exercises to students. I also try to make classes interesting by incorporating songs Hindi songs & rhymes, games and stories. I also tell relatable jokes and memes to introduce complex phrases and vocabulary