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Algebra Mentor

Joshua B
From USA
Speaks English Native

I make math and physics understandable by using real-world examples. I help students understand difficult homework problems and prepare for upcoming exams. I am very patient and enjoy helping students grow in their knowledge at their own pace. Typically, a tutoring session will be in two parts. The first part will cover any pressing homework assignments. The second part covers conceptual learning, using the time left after tackling assignments. I highly encourage you to book your first session with me. You will see how math can be both enjoyable and understandable.

Anu J
From India

Engineer with a passion to teach Math. I graduated from the University of Calicut (India) with bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. I worked as lecturer and as a software engineer for close to two years. I completed my master’s degree with a major in embedded systems in 2014 from Amrita University (India). I have 6 years of experience tutoring students in math from all over the world. My teaching methods are based on these simple approaches: 1. Be thorough with the basics and ensure that students understand the concepts 2. Solve questions together using online interactive whiteboard . 3. Provide home works based on the topics covered . Here is what I can do for you: Solve your math problems and provide you a thorough explanation of all the concepts and theory behind it. Look forward to work with you. Thank you. Have a nice day. :) I have more than 7 years of online tutoring experience . Initially I was working for Pearson Educational services . Majority of students are from United states . Book a trial session with me so that we can discuss the goals !!!. I customize sessions based on student requirements. Thank you ! .

Usman H
From USA

I hold a bachelor's degree in Politics with a minor in History from New York University, and have been tutoring middle school and high school math since February 2020. While I enjoy discussing a variety of subjects, tutoring math, history, and political science are perhaps most appealing to me. I find that the act of explaining something to someone else helps me to understand it on an even deeper level, and that is almost as gratifying as helping someone discover something new. I especially like to help students make connections between what we're learning now, what they've learned before, and other subjects in the field. I'd be happy to provide a trial lesson to show you how I can help. I have nearly two years of experience in tutoring, mostly one-on-one in an online setting with some experience tutoring two students at a time. Let's meet up for a trial lesson! We can talk about your goals, and how we can help you to achieve them together.

Gene Euclid D
From Philippines
Speaks English B2, Tagalog Native
I am a registered Civil Engineer and a graduate of BS Civil Engineering at University of the Philippines and currently taking up Master's degree in Civil Engineering at the same university. I have taught to 3 separate tutorial centers (Kumon Int.l , Tutorlink, and Abest) and also tutored more than 7 private students for 4 years. I specialize in one-on-one tutoring and help struggling students not only pass their subject or exam, but also score higher and appreciate math better. Parents and students commend me for my skills, patience and enthusiasm in teaching mathematics. My strongest feature as a tutor is to be very flexible to different personalities and attitude of students and devise an approach that works effectively for them. I am very much looking forward to help you and rest-assure that you're in good hands

Marissa T
Stay Philippines

I was with Kumon International for 4 years handled math and reading from pre-school to high school level and presently a senior high school math teacher and research teacher. I also have my tutorial lessons after school teaching both from elementary and secondary high school I am a BS Chemical Engineering Graduate so i can also teach the Engineering Math Subjects. My edge is my patience, punctuality and skills... Looking forward to be a part of your or your child's learning process...and i can assure you that i will give my very best

Stephen M
From Kenya

Welcome to my page! I am an experienced tutor, with a master's degree in Pure Mathematics. My lessons are fun, fast paced and focused, and I am confident that we are going to be very productive. I love mathematics and after interacting with you, I will make sure that you love the subject as much as I do. I am convinced that the best way to master mathematics is through practice and less theory. Our goal is to achieve competence through maximum involvement and focus on the subject. I will not ask you to sit quietly by yourself and consume information, Things will be different from the typical predictable classroom. Please book a lesson and see for yourself!