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History Mentor
Name:  Eshita A
History Mentor
Stay India
Rate: $ 8 per hour
Speaks English C2, Hindi Native
Experience 75 lessons
Introduction: When you think of history, you'll probably think of a boring class with sleepy students and an uninterested teacher. Right? That's exactly what I want my students to never think of! Hi, I'm Eshita and I'm here to make learning fun. I'm a history passionate as well as an active student of History and Geography. History has always been my interest, I've tried to get a thorough study through books and papers. As a young tutor I opt for creative ways and simplest approach in my methodology. I learned most of the history on my own and developed my own ways of learning it, that makes my lessons as easy as I studied it. I'm specialized in American history, South Asian History which includes the ancient civilizations, the dark ages, invasion by Mongols, colonial rule; World history including the Medieval Ages. To have a great experience in learning, be it for exams or amazing discussions. I would encourage you to book a lesson with me.
Name:  Suse G
History Mentor
Stay Portugal
Rate: $ 22 per hour
Speaks English C1, Portuguese Native, French A2, Chinese (Mandarin) B1
Experience 685 lessons
Introduction: Olá! My name is Suse. I'm from Portugal but I live in France. I taught Portuguese at a Chinese university for 3 years before returning to Europe. I also have experience in teaching online classes. Are you preparing for an exam? Do you want to improve your Portuguese in everyday life? Maybe you are preparing to visit a Portuguese speaking country? Gain confidence in speaking fluently and freely with me. Classes will be taught according to your level and prepared exclusively to meet your expectations and goals. Acquiring a language is a very interesting process and a lot of people wish they could have other classes like culture or history. Send me a message and choose the subject you want to study. A learning environment should be calm but lessons should be fun and interesting, and that how I like to teach my students. If you are interested in learning a language and experience a culture join my class!
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