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Korean language Mentor

Kwangho K
From Korea
Speaks English C2 ; Korean Native ; Japanese A1

Do you think my lessons are expensive?
All of my students say it's worth every cent, and it's reasonable.
As you can see, I have the most students among the Korean tutors on Preply, and there are good reasons why! I've asked my students, who've taken lessons from other tutors, why did they choose me over them, and I could narrow it down to these five reasons below.
First of all, I AM PATIENT
There are two types of Korean tutors, the ones whose mother tongue is Korean and the ones who learnt it as a second language.
Tutors may assume that they are patient with their students, but that may not be the case from the student's perspective. I have met countless students so far and I take pride in my non judgmental and patient approach to teaching.
You don’t need to be nervous or embarrassed when you make mistakes or give a wrong answer!
JUST BE WRONG. I am here for you!
Before I began teaching Korean, I felt that I didn’t have much talent. However, as I gained more experience, I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from my students which proves to me that I am a good tutor. I realize now that I have a special talent that can be utilized by many people who are endeavouring to improve their Korean language skills with a trustworthy and committed tutor.
My schedule is always open so that my students can flexibly take their lessons.
Controlling my schedule and preparing for each lesson is not easy. But I make it happen because I am here for you!
I am so passionate about teaching Korean and every time my students says, “Thank you!” I feel completely re-energised and eager to teach them more.
I think these things have me a popular tutor on Preply in just 6 months.
For most students, I am the only one who is guiding their Korean journey. This is why I constantly strive to focus on improving their ability no matter what.
Whenever I have spare time, I make materials for students.
Regardless of your level or pace, I will provide the best teaching service and CUSTOMIZED TEXTBOOK for you.
I don’t have any qualifications to teach a foreign language. However, I am an expert in teaching Korean, and the number of students, lessons, reviews further prove this.
I am running Korean Crew - a Korean education team supported by the Korean government and my university. My team members and I keep researching the best ways to teach Korean in interesting and effective ways every day.
These are the five reasons why you should study Korean with me!
I will save your time and money.
I have the most students among all Preply Korean tutors.
I don’t just teach beginners, I have students at various levels who study Korean with me. Aside from the lessons, I give you opportunities to practice speaking Korean. I match my students with each other and guide them. If you want, you can join them as well!
Kill two birds with one stone by taking my class!
I am always here for you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me : )

My name is Kwangho and I live in Busan, South Korea.
As Preply’s most popular tutor, I’ve delivered over 4600 hours of lessons since March 2020 which has equipped me with the knowledge, experience and understanding on how to teach each of my students with the upmost passion in the most efficient manner. My full-time job consists of teaching Korean to my students as well as running Korean Crew, an online Korean language learning company that provides an extremely popular writing correction and feedback service, basic to advanced grammar notes, original digital listening + reading materials and much more! Because I love my job so much, my schedule is always open to suit my student’s needs and their busy lives so wherever they are and whenever they wish they can study Korean with me.

This is just a trial lesson. so you don't need to be nervous : ) If you have any questions about my lesson, don't hesitate to ask me : )