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Field Study Netherlands


Small wooden house no. 6 with firewood hot tub ~ Inspirational

The nature house in the Netherlands offers a unique field study experience, surrounded by an expansive area of forest and peatlands. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings, discovering a wealth of flora and fauna along walking or cycling trails. Engage in fun activities catered to all interests and ages, while also enjoying moments of relaxation in the cozy embrace of the small wooden house. Plan your visit today and let the nature house awaken your senses to the wonders of the natural world.

Welcome to the beautiful landscape surrounding the nature house in the Netherlands. This small wooden house provides a perfect opportunity for a field study, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. With an expanded nature surrounding the house that includes vast forested areas and peatlands, this unique location offers a diverse range of flora and fauna to explore. Whether you enjoy peaceful walks or prefer cycling through scenic trails, there are plenty of fun activities waiting for you here.

The Enchanting Nature House:
The nature house, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, provides an idyllic setting for any field study expedition. Constructed entirely of wood, this small house blends effortlessly into its natural surroundings, allowing visitors to truly connect with the environment. Surrounded by an expanded area of lush forest and peatlands, the house offers a gateway to a world brimming with natural wonders.
Exploring the Flora and Fauna:

Step outside the nature house, and you'll find yourself surrounded by a magnificent array of flora and fauna. The diverse plant life in the forest includes towering trees, vibrant wildflowers, and delicate ferns. Take a leisurely stroll along the trail, and you'll likely encounter charming creatures such as squirrels, rabbits, and a variety of bird species, their melodious songs filling the air.
Walking or Cycling Adventures:

With its extensive network of trails, the nature house presents multiple possibilities for walking or cycling excursions. Lace up your hiking boots and set off on a trek through the enchanting forest. Discover hidden clearings, babbling brooks, and peaceful ponds along the way. Alternatively, hop on a bicycle and peddle through the vibrant landscape, feeling the refreshing breeze against your face as you explore the vast beauty surrounding the nature house.
Fun Activities for Everyone:

Looking for fun activities to enhance your visit to the nature house? You're in luck! This destination offers a plethora of options suitable for individuals, families, or even larger groups. Embark on a guided tour to learn more about the local flora and fauna from knowledgeable experts or participate in a nature-themed workshop to unleash your creativity. Additionally, the area is renowned for its geocaching trails, providing an exciting treasure hunt experience for all ages.
Rest and Relaxation:

After a day filled with outdoor adventures, the nature house provides a peaceful retreat to unwind and recharge. Step inside and find yourself in a cozy, rustic interior that offers all the comforts of home. Relax on comfortable furniture, sip a hot beverage, and bask in the warmth of the fireplace as you reflect on the day's activities. The serene ambiance of the nature house complements the natural surroundings perfectly, providing a true haven for nature enthusiasts.
Bergschenhoek, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Leonardo Boutique Museumhotel Amsterdam City Center Meetings Venue

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Address Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 2,  Amsterdam 1071 BX, Netherlands, Europe
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NH Naarden Meetings Venue

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Address: IJsselmeerweg 3, Naarderbos, Naarden, Netherlands, 1411AA Netherlands Europe
NH Naarden is a popular choice amongst travelers in Naarden, whether exploring or just passing through. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay. 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, daily housekeeping, facilities for disabled guests, Wi-Fi in public areas are just some of the facilities on offer. Each guestroom is elegantly furnished and equipped with handy amenities. Take a break from a long day and make use of fitness center, sauna. A welcoming atmosphere and excellent service are what you can expect during your stay at NH Naarden.


Planning Your Long Weekends: Official Public Holidays in the Netherlands

Are you already dreaming of your next long weekend getaway? Well, lucky for you, the Netherlands has got you covered with a list of official public holidays in 2023 and 2024 that will make planning your mini-vacations a breeze. So, grab your calendar and let's start marking those dates!

2023 Public Holidays
New Year's Day - January 1, 2023 (Sunday)
What better way to kick off the year than with a fresh start and a day off? Spend this day recovering from your New Year's Eve celebrations or exploring the beautiful Dutch winter landscapes.

Good Friday - April 7, 2023 (Friday)
The perfect opportunity for a long weekend break! Take advantage of this day off work to plan a short trip or simply relax and recharge.

Easter Monday - April 10, 2023 (Monday)
Easter eggs, spring blossoms, and an extra day off work – what more could you ask for? Gather your loved ones and enjoy a delightful Easter brunch or plan an exciting day out.

King's Day - April 27, 2023 (Thursday)
Get ready to paint the town orange! King's Day is a national celebration in the Netherlands, filled with vibrant street parties, flea markets, and concerts. Don't forget to wear your brightest orange outfit!

Liberation Day - May 5, 2023 (Friday)
Commemorating the end of World War II, this day is a time for reflection and celebration of freedom. Join in the various festivities and events happening across the country.

Ascension Day - May 25, 2023 (Thursday)
Ascend to new heights by planning a mini-adventure on this day off work. Whether it's exploring nature, visiting historical sites, or indulging in some retail therapy, the choice is yours!

Whit Monday - June 5, 2023 (Monday)
Extend your weekend and make the most of this public holiday. Take a leisurely stroll along the canals, visit a museum, or simply relax in one of the picturesque parks.

Christmas Day - December 25, 2023 (Monday)
Ho, ho, ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year. Spend Christmas Day with your loved ones, exchanging gifts, enjoying festive feasts, and spreading holiday cheer.

Boxing Day - December 26, 2023 (Tuesday)
Keep the holiday spirit alive by continuing the celebrations on Boxing Day. Take a walk in a winter wonderland, catch a movie, or indulge in some post-Christmas sale shopping.

2024 Public Holidays
New Year's Day - January 1, 2024 (Monday)
Start the year off right by embracing new beginnings and enjoying a well-deserved day off. Make resolutions, relax, or plan a fun day out exploring the Dutch winter landscapes.

Good Friday - March 29, 2024 (Friday)
Another chance for a long weekend getaway! Use this day to escape the daily grind and embark on an adventure or simply unwind and recharge.

Easter Monday - April 1, 2024 (Monday)
Hop into spring with an extra day off work. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, take advantage of this day to enjoy the blossoming nature and spend quality time with loved ones.

King's Day - April 27, 2024 (Saturday)
Get ready for a day filled with orange madness! King's Day is a nationwide celebration, where the streets come alive with parties, parades, and flea markets. Join in the fun and embrace the Dutch spirit!

Liberation Day - May 5, 2024 (Sunday)
Reflect on the significance of freedom and honor those who fought for it. Participate in the various events and activities happening across the country to commemorate this important day.

Ascension Day - May 9, 2024 (Thursday)
Ascend to new heights by planning a day of adventure and exploration. Whether it's hiking, cycling, or visiting historical landmarks, make the most of this day off work.

Whit Monday - May 20, 2024 (Monday)
Extend your weekend and embrace the beauty of spring. Take a leisurely boat ride along the canals, visit a tulip garden, or simply relax in a cozy café.

Christmas Day - December 25, 2024 (Wednesday)
'Tis the season to be jolly! Spend Christmas Day with loved ones, exchanging gifts, indulging in festive feasts, and creating cherished memories.


Giethoorn: The Fairytale Village

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of a Village with No Roads
Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, Giethoorn Village stands as a true testament to beauty and tranquility. Dubbed as a fairytale village, Giethoorn captivates visitors from all over the world with its extraordinary landscape and unique charm. What makes this village truly remarkable is the fact that it has no roads, making it a one-of-a-kind destination that must be seen to be believed.

A Canal Wonderland
Explore the Aquatic Streets
Giethoorn is blessed with a network of canals that run through the village, replacing the need for roads altogether. These picturesque waterways wind their way around every corner, gracefully embracing the houses and creating a stunning tapestry of reflections. Taking a boat ride along the canals is an absolute must, allowing visitors to leisurely explore the village and absorb its delightful ambiance.

Charming Houses with Thatched Roofs
Stepping into the Past
As you glide along the canals, you'll be greeted by a mesmerizing sight: houses with thatched roofs. These unique roofs, made from dried reeds, are a sight to behold and lend an old-world charm to the village. More than just a decorative feature, the thatched roofs provide excellent insulation and are environmentally friendly. Most of the houses in Giethoorn were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries, preserving a slice of history for all to admire.

Manicured Gardens and Vibrant Blooms
Nature's Artistry
In Giethoorn, homes are not the only attraction. Every house boasts a meticulously maintained yard with a beautifully landscaped garden. Immaculate green grass blankets the plots, and bursts of color from a myriad of flowers adorn the landscape. Strolling along the footpaths, you'll be enchanted by the fragrant blossoms and the harmonious fusion of colors. Giethoorn truly is a feast for the senses.

Pedestrian-Friendly Bliss
Embrace the Tranquility
Without the intrusion of cars and bustling traffic, Giethoorn offers a peaceful and pedestrian-friendly environment. The absence of noise pollution allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the tranquility of their surroundings. Walking or cycling along the footpaths allows for a leisurely exploration of every corner of this charming village.

The Giethoorn Experience
Delve into a Unique Culture
Beyond its dreamlike aesthetics, Giethoorn offers a diverse range of attractions and activities. The Giethoorn Museum, located in an authentic farmhouse, offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the village. Visitors can learn about the traditional ways of life, from farming to fishing, and even explore a blacksmith's workshop. The Museum Giethoorn is a must-visit for those seeking to delve deeper into the village's heritage.
For the outdoor enthusiasts, Giethoorn boasts excellent opportunities for boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Glide along the peaceful canals, soak in the charm of the village, and feel connected to nature in its purest form. There are also several cycling routes that allow visitors to explore the surrounding countryside, providing a different perspective on this magical place.

How to Reach Giethoorn
Getting There Made Easy
While Giethoorn may not have roads, it is easily accessible from various parts of the Netherlands. The nearest major city is Amsterdam, which is approximately 75 kilometers away. From Amsterdam, you can take a train to Steenwijk, the closest town with a train station. From Steenwijk, buses or taxis are available to transport you to the village. Alternatively, renting a car and driving through the countryside is an option for those seeking a more independent mode of transportation.

An Unforgettable Experience
Venture into a Fairytale
Giethoorn Village is a hidden gem that offers an unforgettable and enchanting experience. From its canal-lined streets to its charming thatched-roof houses, this village captures the essence of a fairytale come to life. Whether you're seeking tranquility, natural beauty, or a deeper connection with history and culture, Giethoorn will leave you spellbound. Plan your visit to this canal wonderland and uncover the magic that awaits in the heart of the Netherlands.